Taking LPN boards in South Dakota


Hi everyone,

I just graduated from the LPN progam, I will be taking my boards in South Dakota in about 2 weeks. Any recommendations on how to study or what resources to use? I am super nervous and just do not know what to expect.

Thanks, any help would be appreciated..:)


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Do you really feel that you will be ready in two weeks when you are asking us how to study and what resources to use? I would consider rescheduling your NCLEX and getting serious about a study plan. Most people give themselves at least three weeks to three months of hard, daily study before they test. Good luck.


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Caliotter3,is right!Give yourself a month of studying not two weeks.Exam cram,lachairty,frye's 3000bullets were the books i used to pass.There are so many books like kaplan,lippicotts,saunders,mosby and REA;make sure you study content instead of praciting questions and reading rationales.Goodluck!


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Hey, Thanks for the info I should have clarified I have been studying for the last few weeks out of my dewitt text books...I also work as a CMA right now at a clinic so that helps me stay refreshed on things as well..