Taking Care of Covid Patients While Pregnant

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At your hospital are pregnant nurses exempt from taking care of covid patients or patients that do not have a confirmed negative result? I work in a small OR and we have two pregnant nurses that have doctors notes saying they can't take care of patients that do not have a negative covid test. A lot of our on-call cases are patients that have results pending and they are saying they can't take call because of this. It is a small OR and having 2 nurses out of the call schedule is taking a toll. We test our scheduled surgical patients 48 hours in advance, which means they do have a window of opportunity to catch covid before surgery.

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Our pregnant nurses and techs do not go to the COVID floors. We have a couple hospitalists who recently came back from maternity leave, and they are not required to go to COVID either. I don't know how they are handling it in the procedural areas, but we do test patients for COVID prior to any non-emergent procedure.

I’ve had to keep caring for them. Other floors in my hospital have tried to keep pg ones away, but there’s been minimal to no concern shown for me. I’m honestly not worried about covid, but it’s hot as *€#%*#* to dress out and care for pts in all that ppe. It sucks.

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