Taking A&P 1 and 2 in the summer?!


I am a pre-Nursing student at Camden county college , this summer I want to take a A&P 1 and 2 in the summer. Each are 5 week classes, I'm not taking them both at the same time but I just wanted to know how hard is this class?

Has anyone every taken these classes in such a short time period?

How did it go?

Im just trying to get done my pre-req's so that I can start nursing school at Rutgers University.

Currently my GPA is a 3.3, and I do not want to mess that up by taking these summer classes.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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I think if that will be your only class it can be done. However, A&P is a lot stuff to remember so you definitely need to study and not slack in such a short time. Good luck.

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Before I entered nursing school I took A&P II over the summer, it was an 8 week course. Is the class hard? I've been asked this question a number of times and I can't answer that and I don't really think anyone can. It depends on a lot of factors, many of which are specific to the individual student. Some people are really good at biology, others are really good at memorizing, some people have to work full-time, others don't work at all, etc. I think those are factors that determine whether people think the class is "hard" or "easy". What I can tell you is the class requires a lot of time and effort! But if you are interested in the human body the class is very interesting :) obviously there is a lot of material to cover in general and taking it in a 5-week course means you are covering a lot of material everyday, one of the "downs" of taking it in the summer. An "up" though is that if you don't have any other courses you need to take and you may be able to dedicate all of your attention to just this. I would suggest maybe contacting the instructor and asking if they would be able to provide you with the syllabus so that you can review it and determine if you would be able to manage the workload along with whatever personal obligations you have. Good luck!


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I personally would not do that. My school may be different from yours but isn't AP I a prereq to AP II?

Anyway, I have taken both in normal semesters and they were both very fast paced because there is just so much information. I loved both classes though.


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I mean it's possible, but don't expect to think or breathe anything other than A&P for 10 weeks! My summer A&P1 was 10 weeks and for having never taken A&P before it was intense (and I wasn't working either), but how you do with a 5 week class is entirely up to you. You get out of the class what you put in to it. On the other side, keep in mind that due to the short amount of class time you simply will not be able to cover as much as a traditional semester class would. This could make nursing school more difficult if you're constantly trying to play catch up. Best of luck if you do give the summer courses a go!


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Although I didn't take it at your school specifically, I did complete A&P I and II last summer in 5 week accelerated course formats while working full time. I would check rate my professor for whoever is teaching the courses since that can be a huge factor in how well students learn the material. By the end of A&P II I was so drained and miserable I wanted to withdraw everyday but I am so glad I did not because if I hadn't taken that aggressive approach I wouldn't be starting my bsn program this fall :yes: So I guess my point is that with hard work and determination it CAN be done! You can do it!:up:

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I guess this will depend on you and how dedicated you will be .. personally I wouldn't take it over the summer .. idk it's my preference .. do you have other classes you still need to complete ?? I'm taking Anatomy & Physiology next fall along with statistics and spanish .. and I'm freaking out thinking that will be too much A&P with statistics. . I don't mind spanish cuz spanish is my native language but taking statistics with A&P is scaring me a little ... but going back to your question it's up to you and how well you think you'll dedicate in class ....

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Wow, A & P 1 and 2 over 10 weeks? Sounds intense! If there are no other classes I suppose it's doable but I don't think I'd want to try it. Back in the dark ages when I was in school our program ran A & P 1 spring semester and A & P 2 was the 8 week summer class. That was the only summer class and you had to pass it to continue in the fall semester as it was a prereq for the next series of classes. It was only offered in the summer, so if you failed that class you were out for a year.

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Hope you don't like having fun in the summer, lol. Or sleep.... ;)

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Honestly, I wouldn't do it. AP 1 is a lot of information, and I feel like AP 2 is as well. Having them so condensed, it's probably possible, but I don't know what the chances of an A would be. I would be so scared lol. I took a Chemistry course(different information, but comparable to AP) during the summer in an 8 week course. I about died. I ate, slept, breathed, dreamed chemistry. I did nothing but. I was pretty much useless for 8 weeks. I would have had an A in the class, but it was hard to retain things. Plus, our cumulative final was the day after our third exam. And I couldn't refresh because my brain was fried. So for me, I would say no way. But, if you can handle it, you could try. You know you better than we do. :)

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thanks for all the feedback, I think i'm going to wait until I see who the teacher is, because I've taken 5 week summer classes before (english comp 2 and basic psy and developmental psy) and I got all B's but this will be my first time taking a science.. Hopefully I do well


wish me luck!


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I was wondering if you ended up taking the summer courses at Camden county! That is where I go and I am debating on taking these two classes in the summer... How did it go if you did take them?