Taking A&P II as well as MicroBiology?

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Hi, I've been lurking on this forum and have NOW decided to join. I am currently trying to work on my schedule for the fall.

Though, has anybody took Microbiology and Anatomy & Physiology II back to back in just one semester, awhile having more classes such as: Statistics, Linguistics, and Religion of the Bible? I really want to get A&P II out of the way and really want to take Micro to get that out, if possible. I'm use to taking 19-21 credit hours a semester and am currently in Summer courses.

Would YOU do this, if you were me or not? Would you take a General Chemistry and A&P II instead?

Thanks very much for your opinion! x

i actually took a&p 2, micro and intro to chemistry in the same semester. i have to tell you it was no picnic. not only is there a lecture component but there is also labs with each course. i had to get special permission from the dean of sciences to take three science courses in one semester which he advised that i not do. i did well (two a's and a b) but i studied my butt off.

i joined study groups, signed up for a chemistry tutor and literally was at school from 8am (start of 1st class) til 9p (time the library closed). i used every resource that i had including the cds that came with my texts for help and did all the practice exams. i also went to the library on saturdays to review my notes and the a&p lab to study all the models (less crowded on a saturday).

granted, i didn't have to work (thank god) so for that one semester, school was my life. i'm so glad it's over! i believe it can be done but of course with alot of hard work and determination and plan to have no life. honestly, if i had to it again, i probably wouldn't. that was one of the worst semesters of my life.

not saying that to discourage you, but if you are use to carrying a heavy load and can remain focused, i think you should be okay. good luck.


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You can do it, I'm taking AP 2 and Micro this summer session, its not easy but


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If you are confident that you can get the grades, then I say go for it! It makes it really hard to get into a nursing program if you repeat any science courses, so keep that in mind!!


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I am signed up for AP II and Micro this fall too but that is all I have except for a COL 101 class and a 3 hour weekend PSY class. It will be hard but hopefully not awful.


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I took A&P2, Micro, World Religions, and Abnormal Psychology and I did just fine; however, I have to admit it was tough.... Especially, micro was difficult class to study...., but I had all A's and B's..

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I took A&P II, Micro, and keyboarding. The keyboarding was a breeze and was all done in class. That gave me time to focus on the two sciences. I got all A's and B's. I also worked full time plus had an 18 month old. During school I don't read for fun I read books. I didn't do any homework when my daughter was awake, but that meant getting up before her and staying up later, and on my days off studying during her nap time.


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A/P 2 is a lot of physiology and more demanding than A/P 1.....just consider that


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I took both, but it required a lot of work to achieve A's in both.

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