should i take a refresher course?

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i graduated nov2005 and took nclex-rn august2006 nevada ... took kaplan review ... stopped at #81 and failed

april 27, 2009 i took it again but this time i applied in california because i got married and moved here in cali ... i had suzzane's plan ... stopped at #76 and failed ... (im so sorry suzzane, i may be the only one who failed using your plan, im sorry)

july 7, 2009 took it 3rd time CA nclex-rn ... enrolled in ncsbn online review ... stopped at #75 ... i tried the pearsonvue web trick and based on the trick ... i probably failed ...

i dunno what to do anymore ... i feel so embarassed ... i feel so stupid and i hate my self!

i really want to get thru this ... should i take a refresher course? or is it only for inactive nurses? ... i am looking for a review class that is classroom based, i don't do well with self study, i learn better when i hear lectures and interact with professors ... but they are too expensive and most of them are only 3-7days ... what should i do?

any suggestions please

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I am in the same boat. I took it twice already and failed twice. I am frustrated as hell on how will i do my next review. I want to pass this exam so bad so i can move on with my life and start earning all the money i spend paying this exam and buying books for it. I am in the same way, i dont do well with self review, i tend to procrastinate and not give my whole time studying I dont have patience sitting for how many hours by myself and concentrate studying..i want a small group or one-on-one kinda thing...Can someone HELP me on this..I live in Washington DC..i dont know if there is a place here that offers a cheap review class or a tutor..Please help...


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Just wanted to offer some support! I have failed it 3 times and it has been 6 years since I last took it. I will be praying for us all!

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