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Take LPN exam a semester before graduating from RN program?

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Hi -

I'm a semester away from graduating from an RN program. In New York, I can take the LPN exam now if I wanted to start working. Since I'm only taking one final class next semester, I'm considering it. Thoughts? Might it differ substantially from the RN material? I can't imagine most of it would. But thought I'd ask.

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I would recommend taking it. Even if you don't work as an LPN, it would give you an opportunity to get the "feel" for the NCLEX Exam!

Good Luck!

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The more the merrier. :)

I would take the exam.

the local junior college near me "requires" that the rn students take the lpn test between semsters. i guess to see how they would do on the rn test....

suebird :p

My opinion is completely the opposite, you have a completely different focus to prepare to take the NCLEX-PN exam. This will take away from your getting your work done for your actual classes that you have to take.

You are talking of graduating in just one more term, meaning April or May. By the time that you even apply for licensure and get the ATT to take the exam, you are talking of February or so. It will cost you around $400 to have the LPN license for just a few months, is there that significant of a salary where you are beetween a nurse tech and an LPN?

My suggestion would be to find a nurse extern program where you are, this will be the most beneficial to you.

Sorry that many of you do not agree with me, but it really doesn't make sense unless you do it the summer before you begin your final year. You will have issues of finding a place to hire and train you when you are going to be in a different classification in just a few months. Look at it that way.

As an LPN you will still need to complete a full orientation, and how can you do that when you are still in school full-time? And if the places wasn't going to give you an orientation, run as fast as you can from them.


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I agree with Suzanne also. Your scope of practice is different, and you may get the questions confused and answer them differently. And the wait to get your ATT and then to actually take the test is long. I'd like to be a semester away from graduating with my RN! The local CC here; their program was suspended for the NCLEX pass rate not being high enough. Ugh!! And I just spend $200+ to get IV-2 certified in CO and can't even do anything with IV's in my facility except start, D/C and monitor sites. Double UGH!


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I am in my final semester and I will be graduate in Dec07. I took LPN exam and it was totally different what I expected. RN exam are different and I think RN is easy than LPN. If you try well for your RN exam than LPN, it is better and also you can safe money.

Good Luck

I agree with Suzanne (as usual :)) -- why waste the time and money on testing for a license you're not going to use? Put the money and effort into preparing for the NCLEX-RN; the focus and scope of practice between RNs and LPNs is more different than you would expect (esp. for testing purposes).

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