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  1. Hey all! Just opening a forum for the students who've applied for BCIT's Jan 2023 intake! (waitlist offered students are welcome as well!) I just finished taking my CASPer test and SNAPSHOT test on July 28 - still waiting on results. Applic...
  2. Hey everyone!😀 I'm gearing up to apply for the BCIT January 2023 intake, and thought I'd start this thread so fellow applicants like me can chat and compare notes.. A bit about me: I am currently finishing my B.Sc. at UBC (my last course f...
  3. Hey guys! Starting a discussion post for students applying for BCIT Sept 2022, Langara Jan 2023 and UFV Jan 2023 intake! Wondering if any of you guys will be applying and if you’re open to sharing, what GPA/grades you’ll be applying with and if...
  4. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    Just made a new topic to discuss application + updates for Sept 2022 ? Let's help each other out!
  5. Megan Sentes

    BCIT Spring 2022

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone is applying to the BCIT Spring 2022 intake? What GPA are you applying with and are you applying with previous healthcare experience? How did the Casper test and Snapshot go for you?
  6. BCIT vs Langara Nursing

    Which program is better? I’ve heard that BCIT’s program has changed recently and isn’t as intense as before.. I’d love to hear some experiences as well as opinions on each school!
  7. Hello! Just wanted to start a new topic for the next intake for those applying in Feb 1 2021- March 15 2021 for the Sept 2021 intake at BCIT!
  8. Hi everyone- I thought I would make this post for students applying in January 2022. Please post any information that may be comfortable. Also feel free to share the number of credits you have, grades and GPA, etc. We’re all in this together!
  9. BCIT BSN Winter 2022 Intake

    Has anyone applied to this intake?
  10. BCIT January 2021

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone else is applying for BCIT’s January 2021 intake? I thought I would start this thread so we could share our progress through the application process. Good luck!