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  1. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    from what my friends tell me, VCC does their theory first then clinicals, whereas BCIT does clinicals and theory at the same time. I believe both are 3 years in length
  2. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    Just got conditionally offered/accepted! Need to pay deposit and do criminal checks! CONGRATULATIONS everyone!
  3. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    Hopefully all goes well and we become classmates !
  4. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    Safe to assume if no email from them then application is complete? I hope they find your Snapshot! You could also send them a screenshot to show that you did do it!
  5. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    mine is under my personal email that I used the same email for to apply for bcit! but I put as secondary email on CASPer, my BCIT email. But both Altus and BCIT have your student number
  6. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    Did they ever notify you when your application was being reviewed?
  7. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    Does the “status” just change from “pending department review” to your offer or rejection? or will it usually show “under review” if it’s being reviewed?
  8. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    I’m still pending department review
  9. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    When did you guys take your Snapshot? I took mine on 10 days after my Casper - still before the distribution deadline date (April 18).
  10. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    Hi guys! I was wondering when you guys took your anatomy and physiology. I applied for Fall 2022 and took my A&P at langara in their Spring and Summer term of 2019. IDK if this still qualifies for their 3 year regency and it’s MAKING ME NERVOUS! ...
  11. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    I feel good about my result! Definitely after the CASPer exam, I was rly nervous just with the fact that I didn’t know how I did! Yea!The email said 4 weeks after I take the exam so I was pretty much watching my calendar
  12. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    I did my CASPer on April 5th and just got my results back today. WAS so nervous just to even view results 😅 Not me! Just because IDK if I’ll get accepted 😵😵
  13. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    do you know how the school calculates cgpa? I’ve attended 3 post secondaries and I was wondering if they look at each individual school or if they add them altogether
  14. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    hellooooo I believe only the students who were top 10 waitlisted for fall 2022 have gotten acceptance letters. applicants who applied for fall 2022 should hear back with a decision mid June. please feel free to correct me if I am wrong !
  15. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    Did you do your CASPer and Snapshot already?