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  1. Lildreamer101

    Has anyone been accepted...

    After being on a waitlist? Or after initial offers have been sent out? TIA.
  2. Lildreamer101

    KPU BPN Program

    Hi, I heard about the Psychiatric Nursing Program at KPU. I was wondering if there was anyone enrolled in this program who can perhaps provide some insight? I have only just heard about this program in that it is similar to the BSN. However, it covers psychiatric care. Is this true? What else does it cover? It is just as good as the BSN program or limiting? Thanks!
  3. Lildreamer101

    BCIT September 2020

    Hi, I am looking to apply to the Sept 2020 intake (trying to meet the pre-reqs at the moment). Does anyone know what the GPA required for the BSN program to gain entry is? Do you have to get all A's in all pre-reqs? Also, anyone in the BSN program, is there semester breaks? How long are they? Thanks!
  4. Lildreamer101

    Nursing programs in BC....

    @Megama: I went to the preview weekend for TWU in Langley BC as well but a couple years ago. They told me the same thing, in that they were sought after. Hmm. That price does seem a bit hefty. I think that to me was a deal breaker as other school are perhaps just as good but cheaper? Still looking into it myself. Not sure if it's worth it. But that's perhaps just me. Hmm. I was going to check out UFV myself, but it is in Chilliwack. A bit too far for me. Good luck!
  5. Lildreamer101


    What's that mean when applying for the BSN program?
  6. Lildreamer101


    How much is tuition normally for the BSN Program in BC? Is there a way to get scholarships?
  7. Lildreamer101


    I feel silly for asking but what's a conditional offer?
  8. Lildreamer101

    Letters of reference?

    What does that mean when they ask for that? Is that volunteer hours? And where at?
  9. Lildreamer101

    Nursing programs in BC....

    Has anyone on here gone to Trinity Western University, UBC, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Douglas College, or BCIT? Can someone tell me their experiences at these schools? Are they good? Is TWU tooooo expensive? Or worth it? What about Kwantlen? Is there is a long wait list? Is the program as good as Douglas College, etc? What are the chances of getting into these schools? Thanks,