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  1. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing. I haven’t calculated my overall GPA but all my grades are similar to yours except for English which I got B. Hopefully, my grades for Casper and Snapshot is okay 😅
  2. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    Hi Megan! Do you mind sharing your GPA and grades for the pre-req? I was subscribed to the Langara thread and just saw that you were on the top 10 waitlist for Spring 2022 in BCIT.
  3. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    Hi! How long did it take to get the results from casper and snapshot?
  4. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    Ohhh! Makes sense. It’s going to be a long wait until then 😭 Right?! I’m so happy about that.
  5. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    As of March 9, 20022 Just want to leave this here: This is the most recent info session that they uploaded. The most important getaway for me: 1. Have a total of 96 seats this intake (instead of 63) so probably higher ch...
  6. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    I know right! We won’t even know if we are short-listed (like previous intakes who were given the questionnaire/quiz). Also, someone said, the earliest we will know is 2 weeks before the actual date given so we can check the beginning of June!
  7. Langara Nursing Fall 2022

    Hello! How did you prepare for snapshot?
  8. BCIT Spring 2022

    Hello! How did you prepare for snapshot?
  9. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    I just applied 2 weeks ago and also shows under department review! Just graduated UofM BSC in Microbiology. I have 1 yr work exp in research, 3+ yrs in retail store, a few months in doing COVID testing and some volunteering.
  10. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    Nope. Based on the admissions office, the snapshot interview replaced the non-cognitive quiz so after the department review, we will know if we are accepted by June 15.
  11. BCIT Nursing Sept 2022

    Just made a new topic to discuss application + updates for Sept 2022 ? Let's help each other out!
  12. KPU Nursing Advanced Entry 2022

    Will do. Thank you! Also, here's the FB group: Kwantlen Faculty of Health
  13. KPU Nursing Advanced Entry 2022

    Oh, now I'm confused hahaha. Bec when I asked on the fb page, one person replied that it already passed (she said October was the deadline). Does KPU-AE have multiple terms that you can apply to?
  14. KPU Nursing Advanced Entry 2022

    Hello everyone! Is there a deadline for KPU-AE? I don't see it at all in the website. Also, after applying on Education Planner BC, what happens after? (I was wondering where to send the pre-req). Thank you!