BCIT Nursing January 2024 Intake

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Hi Everyone! This is a thread for everyone who is planning to (or already applied to) BCIT BSN program for January 2024 intake. Feel free to share your stats, experiences, and ask any questions you have about the application process or the program itself. 

I sent in my application today and am waiting for new CASPER test dates to open so I can get that done asap. In the info session they mentioned that the latest CASPER test date for this intake is in July but I don't see anything on the CASPER website... It says they will open new test dates for BCIT in July or August. Anyone in the same situation as me? ?

What classes did you take for the electives / general education requirements (6 credits) ?

I took a chemistry and a biochemistry course in undergrad.

what are some other options for the requirement, I'm not sure I would want to take chem

They have a list of course subjects on their website for the general education courses. I'd suggest checking that out! It pretty much had every subject except the subjects you'd study in nursing (like Microbiology, biology etc.)

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