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T-shirts about being SuperHuman an Angel or "sedate stupid


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We are regular human beings that once in awhile can do amazing things. We make mistakes, and many of them, in the course of our careers. This chest thumping of how great we are? Really? We serve, help, teach and care. Every day we hope and try for the best outcomes for our patients. Can we just get back to that?

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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Are you referring to some of the more humorous sayings printed on t-shirts like these: Nurse T-Shirts | Spreadshirt ? Quite honestly, as long as they aren't being worn in a work setting, I see nothing wrong with choosing to wear such a shirt on one's own time. There are more important issues in the nursing professions than what sayings one wears on a shirt.

I agree in a way. Some of the shirts I have seen are incredibly unprofessional and quite rude. For example, "Sedate Stupid" or the one about "You can't fix crazy but you can sedate it". I think those people should reevaluate their values and realize they are representing a huge profession poorly. It's quite insensitive.

The shirts that are more "bragging" like superhuman nurse etc. I don't like personally but I don't take offence if someone chooses to wear that.

Levitas, BSN, RN

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Nurse glorifying, and nurse cynicism, neither bother me really.

Honestly, I think we've earned a bit of glorifying. The idea that what we do every day is thanks enough really is fine with me, but working day to day in a relatively thank-less job, I don't really see an issue of expressing how awesome we are on a t-shirt. Especially since some of those are humorous. I especially enjoy the one that states, "RN - does not stand for refreshments, and narcotics."

I guess the cynic ones sometimes make me laugh too, honestly. Not that I always agree with what they're stating, but I have a sense of humor, and it can be twisted at times.

I like "Nightshift Nurse: Keepin em alive till 7:05"...and own a tee like this "​Feel safe at night, sleep with a nurse."

TriciaJ, RN

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I like a lot of the T-shirts; some really make me laugh. But I won't wear them. In this day and age of needing advanced degrees to be thought of as "professional", I wonder if we don't undermine ourselves. What other professions advertise themselves with cute slogans on their T-shirts? Same goes for cartoon-print scrubs (unless working in peds).

I think it's a bit of a fine line to not take oneself too seriously, but still command respect.