Switching Jobs In The Middle Of Orientation

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Would you consider switching jobs in the middle of orientation if you were offered more money (like several thousand dollars more per month) and you were familiar with the place that offered the job? I hate to burn a bridge but I could so use more money and would know exactly what I would be getting in to. What do you think?

I would not, but money isn't a motivator for me. If it's a job I REALLY wanted and they were willing to offer me more money, then maybe. If it's just a job I really wanted, I'd wait until after orientation to leave. Honestly, if this new place you're orienting at has a high turnover, you might not be fully burning a bridge with the whole facility (we had a girl who quit on her second night shift and she's not blacklisted from the whole hospital system, but our manager wouldn't want her back).

You're an adult and can therefore make decisions based on your needs and wants, but I hope you're considering ALL the pros and cons to this.

You are still in the probationary period. You and the facility, are still taking a look at what there is to offer.

Make sure the new job offer is in writing.

Good luck!

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If you decide to stay in your current job ... then commit to staying at least a year (if not two). "Staying until the end of orientation" is the worst thing you can do from the hospital's perspective. If you leave right after orientation, you have taken their resources and gotten a free eduction, but not given anything back in exchange for the investment of orientation they made in you.

Either quit now (minimizing the first hospital's investment in you) and take the other job or commit to staying at least a full. If you feel REALLY confident about the 2nd job, I'd take it -- but realize that you had better be right, because if that 2nd job doesn't work out, it's going to be really hard to get job offer #3.

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