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I have read that Suzannes plan is no longer available ..well at least from her because she has stepped down . My question is does anyone know what her plan is ??? And if so would you tell me if that is allowed ... I am planning on testing the 25th so any help would be great ! Thanks !


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If you plan on testing on the 25th of this month, you couldn't follow Suzanne's plan because it is a study plan of more than a few days duration. You should be winding down your study by now. Continue to do questions and study rationales until the day prior to your test. Good luck.


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Thank for responding and letting me know... I have been studying for a bit now, doing practice exams on line and working out of the Saunders review book that I had during school . That book was a great tool before exams . I also have a Lippincotts review book . The school is giving a review for NCLEX in a couple of weeks but I am not sure who is doing it . We used ERI during school after each level and I did fine on those. I still dont feel 100 % ready .... maybe its just nerves ... I may reschedule my test date ...If anyone has any other tools / suggestions I am open to all and any lol ..Thanks again !

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Suzanne requests that people do not discuss her plan when you sign up for it.


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Thank you and I respect that earlier post has shared with me that there is not enough time to use her plan so I didnt think I would hear from anyone else . I do think that I will be ok just have a case of nerves lol


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How do i contact suzanne, i would like to use her testing material.

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Suzanne's plan is no longer available to anyone:

Please look through the many other NCLEX threads for helpful hints about passing.

Good luck.

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