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To whom it may concern,

I have not been on this site for quite some time. As well, i have not taken the nclex LPN for over a year. I failed three times and even though initially i wanted to do it again i just continued on in my previous job working in group homes.

I am now assistant residence manager in a group home and with a little more training i may become the residence manager. However I have always felt guilty that i never passed the nclex pn and that my time studying was for nothing.Nowadays i often do not have much time to study with my job and being a husband and father but tonight i decided to go online and look into the allnurses website once again and try and find out information on suzannes plan again. I clicked on the updated version for 2008 but it did not let me continue for some reason.

I would like to start studying again somehow to pass this exam and ive tried all different ways before. I remember reading and i think i even sent suzanne a message but now i would like to try again and see what i have to do. I purchased saunders last year for the lpn and im assuming there is no updated book for 2008 lpn nclex.

Anyway, If you can help me that would be great.

be well and thank you in advance,



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sorry for disturbing anyone but it looks like i found it. I also have to watch that video explaining the site better so i will know how to move around in it alot easier.

My first step and correct me if im wrong is to take the 3rd ed of saunders lpn review and basically do all the questions at the end of each chapter. If i get over 75 percent i move on and if not i read the chapter again.

If im missing anything please tell me otherwise i guess i will be taking my saunders with me all over the place.


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You are understanding it correctly. There is newer first tip and that is the link that Karen posted above to it.

Best of luck to you as you prepare. All of the instructions are listed there and they need to be followed exactly as written.


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Its going to take me some time to finish it all and to find out step two but i started some questions today so hopefully i will keep it up.

I must say that im out of the lpn course for 2 years now and i must be rusty on alot of topics as it was over a year since i last took the exam.

Im hoping that i will conitue on a positive way and maybe ill one day pass this exam. It does not seem that i ever will thats partially why i stopped studying but ill be on this site again regurlarly and do a few questions each day.

Im hoping that i can pass it. Anyway thank you for your advice and be well.


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I am in their with you simon, I failed my rn and started doing her plan, hopefully us both will pass this time.

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