Surprise, Surprise... COVID Contacts after Thanksgiving... great!

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On 12/2/2020 at 9:20 AM, ruby_jane said:

I'm laughing but it's not funny. I heard a parent say "Well it's running through our school but it's a good thing. Best to get it over with."

Fortunately she was not in conversation with me. 

Good lord, reminds me of years ago when parents would find out another child had the chicken pox and suddenly wanted to have a party with that child as the special guest.

Hope they plan on taking off work and self quarantining with their positive child and then wait on returning to work themselves. Some of these kids have pre-existing  conditions, some of their parents are at risk-and some have grandparents living in their home. Yes, most kids will do fine-not really the same to be said about some of the school staff or the family that they are bringing it home to share.

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Loving this thread---!

Keep safe you all!

I opted  this year to keep my high schooler home  all year studying remote from day one!  The high school admin decided to have kids move from room to room every period with no cleaning except every third day! I was like---no thank you! My kid has asthma and I have never seen her friends and her be more than 2 feet apart precovid.She's a happy camper at home, studying in her PJs and actually getting to eat hot breakfast  during her lunch break scheduled at 9.30am ( Don't ask me why that is her lunch time!).School is now remote for all till Dec 11, 2020. We are considered  in a yellow zone  Covid area in NY.