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I looked around hoping to find a thread but only found previous years. I applied early September for the program and have seen been playing the waiting game. I'd like to hear from others who applied, maybe I can help answer some questions and we can all offer each other support.

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Hi there, I'm also applying. I'm actually revising my resume to include my prerequisite course work, in case applicant materials get split up in the admissions process, the person who gets my resume will see that I've performed well, as I don't have health care work experience.

Do you have health care experience? Also, who did you get to write your recs?

I applied early. Waiting to hear back is going to seem like an eternity. November I'm guessing. I don't like the red scrubs they wear at SB. Anyone familiar with Long Island/know of any good eateries/things to do off the campus

In previous threads, they typically hear back the third week of October. This is if you got an interview. Then, you'll know if you got in right before new years.

when did everyone apply? i applied early last week. And, does anyone know if SB updates your application/account if they reviewed it or if a decision was made?

Me too. I applied 9/24 to the program. We won't know until they start sending interview emails.

I'm slightly freaking out. I met with one of my professors today to ask her if she could please complete her recommendation, because when I log into the site, it still says "notified" for her. She told me she submitted it about a week ago. I'm going to call the office of student services at the health sciences center early tomorrow morning, I've already sent 4 emails. I don't know how I'm going to be able to sleep tonight.

What made you want to go into nursing? If you're from a pre-health background, why not just do PA school? It seems like a better career investment, and is probably just as competitive as some of these nursing programs.

I just recently applied also. This waiting game is absolutely brutal. Has anyone had a change in status on their application? Mine still just says "submitted."

Mine still says submitted, too. I'm not sure if stony brook updates the applications

Also just applied. VERY nervous!

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