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Sunday February 27 2022


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sirI the recipe is from the Better Homes and Garden cookbook so I don't have it in a format that can be posted

Dianah hope the winds settle down for the festival

Tweety glad you're Covid  negative

Stars I wish it was 74 here

Amo it's home administration, goes to the hospital every other day for a refill

Busy morning, though since it's too cold for birdwatching I have the time

Made the banana cream pie, crust wasn't  pretty but got it done more quickly than last time.  Also did the crock pot  recipe, which was pretty easy

Met dad for lunch as usual.  Came home and exercised.  Since the Svengoolie movie was dull I watched Son of Dracula on one of the streaming services

Going to do laundry and a little cleaning this morning before church.  Will get to church a bit early for choir practice.  Will meet J for lunch as long as he's up to it, although yesterday he was still pretty tired

Will get up to 40 today.  Looks like we'll be in the upper 30s to the mid 50s the rest of  the week, hopefully this means  the really cold weather is past


Tweety, BSN, RN

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Good morning!

Joe, hope you have a good day.

sirI, yep we're old talking about the weather.

My air conditioner was on for a bit yesterday afternoon.  When it gets 80 inside it's time to turn it on.  I'm not complaining.  I'd take air conditioning weather over sleet and cold any day.

I'm feeling pretty good.  Sleep was weird in that I woke up several times but seemed to be able to fall back asleep okay.  Would be nice to sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed but that's a pipe dream.  

I went to Walmart to get jumper cables and spent $100 and didn't get jumper cables.  I wandered around the automotive department and didn't see anyone to ask close by and knew I could just order it on Amazon anyway.  It's so easy to spend $100 these days.  I got a new pillow, some bathroom mats, and some this and that but not much.

Nothing on for today since I wasn't feeling good I made no plans.  Will tidy up some and go through my cookbooks and pick something to make.  

Hope everyone has a great day.


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nursej22, MSN, RN

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Hi. Our weather is windy, and relatively warm, up to 50. I didn't ride my bike to breakfast due to the wind, and it was raining when we came out of the diner. I'm about to go out and do some yard clean up. We have had so much wind this Winter that there are little branches and twigs everywhere. I too hope the cold weather is done for the season. And I will start pruning my roses. 

  Youngest ds and I drove to the high school parking lot with the trailer and practiced backing. I have a feeling that is a job that will fall to me and I want to feel confident about backing into the driveway. It will take more practice. 

And I need to go the grocery store. dh went yesterday and only got things for breakfast and lunches. We have almost nothing for dinners. I think we will have tacos tonight. I am thinking of buying some of those online kits for dinners, like Hello Fresh. I get so sick of thinking of what to make that dh will eat but is more on the healthy side. Almost everything new I make, he won't doesn't like or won't even try. 

Tweety, I'm glad you were COVID negative. I am pretty nervous about getting it, due to my age and heart condition. And I don't want to give it to dh, what with his age, T2DM, and obesity. I feel like once the mask mandate is lifted around here (March 15) that he and I are sitting ducks. 

Dianah, I am sorry that the wind kept you from jamming. Hopefully, today is better weather. 




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Thank you, @Joe NightingMale, I'll check out the Better Homes and Garden cookbook.

Hi @nursej22 ...

I have thought about the same thing: Hello Fresh. If you try it, would love your reviews. 😊

Hey, @Tweety ... I know exactly what you mean about spending money, especially at Walmart. I'm one who HATES shopping anyway. When I used to go to conventions, seminars, and such, the group with me loved to shop. I would always beg off. It is my way of protecting myself. If I "window shop", I go overboard. I start saving in September for Christmas because I know I lack a lot of self-restraint with the family (especially all the grands ... and, I have a lot. LOL!!).

Church was great today. Transfiguration Sunday. Sun came out and temps were not as cold. Ash Wednesday is this week and starts off our mid-week services. I love the Lenten season, but getting out mid-week gets tough towards the end of the season. I finished the music for 9 services and have 6 more (I think). Will work on those this week.

Hope you all have a good rest of the day and night.

Ado Annie, ASN, RN

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J22, we've been getting Hello Fresh meals for a few months. Especially with me working nights meals were such a struggle. These are good, fairly easy, and I spend about the same if not less because we do fewer fast-food runs. We get 3 meals/week but you can decide how many you want. Twin B helps with the meals some but Hubs and Twin A not so much. After this much time, the meals are starting to get repetitive but there are more options all the time. We laugh because the instructions always say "wash and dry produce" near the beginning and "season with salt and pepper" frequently. If you decide to try Hello Fresh and are willing to share contact info, I can send you free boxes or, I think, a $120 discount.

I simply don't have the skills to back up a trailer. I have managed to pull the empty trailer from the boat ramp to a parking spot but towing the 22' sailboat is beyond me. I also can't maneuver it well using the engine. I guess I'm a poor first mate. 

Tweety, I hope you feel better soon. I know all too well how easy it is to spend $100. I go in "for milk" and think.of all the other things we "need". Someone needs to do that today. Guess it will be me.

It's warmer today and Twin A went to work at the zoo. I woke this morning to hubs trying to unclog the shower drain in order to bathe his mom after she'd had an accident. At the same time, Twin A was leaving for work but the truck wouldn't start so he came back in for keys to another vehicle. We had planned to go to church but that kinda took the wind out of Hubs' sails.

Wishing everyone a good day.