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Summer Microbiology Online Course at Ocean County College


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take microbiology totally online at ocean county college this summer. occ offers two online courses, one in summer first five week may18 - june 23 2009 and the other in summer second five week june 24 - july 28, 2009. i am taking it now and it is wonderful. the instructor is the best!

the labs are taught totally online with a labpaq and a microscope that arrives at your front door. if you get stuck he actually will call you up and go over things with you on the phone! it’s the best course i have ever taken. it is just the right amount of work. my kids have a blast helping me with the labs.

here is the website for the biol 232 microbiology dl course:


call 732 255-0304 to register.

you will not be disappointed!

jersey nursing girl

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Ok so I though this was great. But maybe I'm crazy, the total for the tuition and lab material are close to $1400.00 Am I reading that right?

Jersey Nursing Girl

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here is the reply that i sent to your other post. you may find cheaper, you may not find better. i think its more than worth it!

i still think its a bargain!

i think you are right about the cost for an out-of-state student. its about $900+ for tuition and fees for a 4 credit science course and about ~ $500 for book, microscope and labpaq. most of the schools who offer online science courses with the lab use labpaqs from hands-on labs, inc. in colorado. they all go for the same price.



thats going to run you close to $500 no matter where you go.

i see you are from connecticut. at one of your less expensive state universities (wcsu) instate tuition is $360.00 per credit hour plus $50.00 online fee. thats not the out-of-state rate!!

it costs me at least $400 in gasoline just to commute to school in a given semester. the advantage of taking the online science (microbiology) when i want and where i want with an outstanding professor is "priceless." i have kids and work nearly full time. it is worth the extra money to me. i actually bought the digital eye piece for my microscope for $59. it made doing the labs so easy! i could snap a picture of what i was looking at and send it with the lab report.


i am just about finished with my microbiology online course at ocean county college and i think i have an "a" in the bank. time is money to me. i do not have a lot of time. so this really works for me. it is more than worth it! i still love the online microbiology course and highly recommend it! even if you have to pay the out-of-state differential, i think it is worth it. its the best online course i have ever taken!

the second five week has closed. you can still get into the first five weelk that begins may 18th.


still in love with it,

jersey nursing girl

Does anyone know if LA County DHS ADN program or Moorpark College will accept this class as transferable? Both are in Southern California (Los Angeles area)... Need to know before I move forward with registration.

Heads up - Moorpark College in California has decided that this is NOT transferable because of the online LAB. There are certain lab techniques and safety issues that they feel can not be taught online. I'm expecting the same from other Southern California nursing schools. :cry:

Hi I am thinking about taking the online class at OCC-

Is it possible to buy a used LAbPaq from someone that has taken the class??? Or does each person have to buy a new one?


I wrote to ask if these are 4 semester hour credits or some strange thing called 1/4? hours that we don't have out here in the NE.

How about written research paper assignments - how many of them?

I hope the class is offered next summer!


What is the teachers name? I won't be taking micro for at least another semester but I would love to know the name of a good teacher.

I am currently finishing up my microbiology at Rio Salado College in AZ (on-line). It is the hardest class I have ever experienced. I believe I am going to have to take it over. I have my final proctored on 2 Jul. Is the teacher Dr. *** *****?

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Yes, it's Prof. ***** full for the Fall - so we'll need to wait until spring and then if only there are spaces left after Ocean registers.

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Hi. How do you know if the nursing school you want to attend will accept these online science classes? Are you guys in the same state as these colleges that offer these online classes are?

You have to call your school and find out if they will except credits from OCC. If they hear it is online they may automaticly tell you that it does not have a proper lab and will not be accepted. Although... OCC's online science courses have the same class #'s as their regular in class courses. Therefor when you transfer the course to your school they can't tell how you took the class and since it shows there are lab hours you usually recieve credit for the course as long as the learning objectives are equal.

Hope this helps!

Oh ok. Thank you Tiffany. I heard of Rio Solado also offering full online classes for A&P1 and 2 and Micro. I guess I will call the school I want to go to and see if they accept classes from these schools before I do anything!

Just be careful because the LabPaqs that you have to order for these classes can cost $500 or more in addition to the cost of the class.


Can anyone who took A&P 2 online at Ocean tell me a little about it ? I would like to register with Professor

S ------. I am currently taking Microbiology online with Dr. --- ----- and i really like the class (except for the price that is), but it is so worth it. Has anyone taken A&p 2 Online ? Please share your experiences. Thanks


I am looking into taking this course for the 5 week summer. I am currently a student in CT. I am getting a little stressed trying to register and am concerned about payment and the costs. I currently recieve finanical aid at my home school and am wondering if you can receive financial aid or any help at all for this course. Is this course really going to cost $1500???? I am taking Micro now and the professor is horrible. Won't let you ask questions and I have no clue what is going on.I am frustrated beyond belief. Please help....!!!!!!!!


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