Stumped on questions for my NCC exam...challenge your minds!!

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Couple questions...

I know the triad for HELLP Is hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, and low platelets, but in my practice question it asks whats the "hallmark sign", is it platelets

the other question I have is on a patient with a hx of herpes but no outbreak at the time of delivery but on admission the nurse should know to "perform herpes cultures or take an oral acylivir prior to delivery". I'm thinking its the herpes cultures because acyclovir should have been taken anyway and one dose isn't going to help.

Sorry to be a downer, but answers to these are easy, just re-read your text. If you don't want that, just google the same and it'll come right up.

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Are you taking a test now and on your phone? I hope not!

You need to look it up or google it.........sorry.

No no to clarify I am practicing to take my test on the 24. I know they are easy questions to some but for me, a bad test taker I always see 2 right answers. Sorry to ask...

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There are those who seek the easy way and at times we are quick to say no.......... :-)

I suppose, but doing more research I think I figured out that platelets is the key because hemolysis would need to be microscopic and can also lead to a different diagnosis where as platelets r a key sign. Agree?

As for hsv, the reason I chose no cultures is because it wouldn't show up right away but in going back to thinking that's the answer because it would help peds and one dose of acyclovir wouldn't help at labor time, agree?

I only do babies and not moms, but I was curious, so I Googled "hallmark sign of HELLP." The first hit said it was a low platelet count and the second suggested it was hemolysis.

In any case, good luck to you in your studying, and good work on your thought processes. :)

well...I'm wondering how you could possibly collect cultures on a herpes lesion when there isn't currently an outbreak happening...

What I was reading is that there can be an asymptomatic viral shedding of HSV and if baby broke out in herpes lesions mom's culture would help them figure it out better before the cultures came back on mom.

Thanks everyone!

Diagnostic criteria for HELLP syndrome includes platelets less than 100,000 (not 75,000) so your answer would be hemolysis.

For the herpes question, the answer would be to obtain a culture (for the sake of the baby). Popping one oral acyclovir isn't going to help matters very much.

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I just took the 2010 test also on the 24th. We had 6 ladies studying like crazy.

Everything I googled said Hemolysis-

... and I agree with the other responder about not being able to take the cultures if there is no lesion.

Hope the test went well for you- All 6 of us will be THRILLED if we passed...

Me too rough test!!

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