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  1. Does anyone have one from their hospital that has references on it? I have gone through like 10 books and can't find the procedure on how to draw cord gases. At my hospital the RN is responsible for it. We thankfully don't have to do many of them, but when we do I want the staff prepared. Does anyone have any info? I obviously know how to do it, but I can't find it evidenced anywhere!! I tried google, yahoo, and a lot of books. Please help!! -Janine kelbachj9@gmail.com if you have anything to send.
  2. my boss wants me to teach an or for ob scrubbing class for the new nurses. i need to make an outline/format for a 6 hour day. any advice? i know how to scrub, i have been doing it for 5 years. -janine
  3. zaksmomrn84

    Looking for the best Obstetric ceu website

    I have. So many costs lately in life, ofcourse i wanted to try to cut back somewhere ;-)
  4. I need 45 CEUs in my specialty (Obstetrics) to maintain my RNC. I like those unlimited CEU websites, but I cant seem to find one with L&D stuff. Please help if anyone has any to recommend.
  5. zaksmomrn84

    Night Shift? When do you exercise?

    Here's what I TRY to do (i'm a sugar and coffee lover though, thats my downfall) first meal/snack at home: 4-5pm protein shake or carnation instant breakfast before work 8:30 pm snack of cottage cheese/strawberries or hummus and crackers or sliced apple and peanut butter or banana and peanut butter 11:30 pm "lunch": green salad, lots of veggies, 3-4 oz protein, 1-2 tbl dressing or salsa, small baked sweet potato or fruit 3 am snack: fruit and yogurt parfait, the ones you make yourself or trailmix and string cheese with a piece of fruit 6 am breakfast before I go home: oatmeal with a sliced banana and cinnamon Then I workout before my shift if I have the energy. I like summer because i'll wake up and run for 20 mins then go get my son. Also, my days off, I workout for a longer stretch so i'm doing cardio and weights. I try to get there 3 days a week. Some days easier than others. Keep yourself focused!! It's the worst shift, and i've been on it for 5 yrs!
  6. zaksmomrn84

    A Couple questions about your LDRP facility

    That was VERY helpful!! I like the belts idea and the linen idea because our linen is getting stolen. Nice, i know. We also have that policy but it's broken all the time!!! I can't take it myself. How about delivery tables, what do you use for those?
  7. good afternoon everyone, i am writing to see if there is anything out there to help our unit. we became an ldrp unit a year ago. we moved to a new hospital and it has definitely been a change among everyone! i am writing to see how everyone does things. we have 8 total efm on our unit and 14 ldrp rooms. therefore, we have to move our equipment a lot and someone pieces from monitors are missing and sometimes broken. do you deal with this on your unit? how else does your unit save money? we are in hard times and i'm looking how to deal with those things on our unit. also, how does your unit give report? bedside? thanks!!!
  8. zaksmomrn84

    Stumped on questions for my NCC exam...challenge your minds!!

    Me too rough test!!
  9. zaksmomrn84

    Ceus to maintain rnc

    Hi everyone Next week I sit for my rnc in inpatient obstetrics and for those of you who have obtained this what websites do you use for the extra ob related ceus to keep up the certification. Im nervous for the test but I'm sick of studying and feel as if I cannot stuff anymore info in my head!! Thanks!!
  10. I would think it would be the conclusion bc the fetus is not under any stress....
  11. I never thought about it until now that I'm reading up on it. What part of the contraction should you administer a narcotic to mom for pain? Onset, peak or conclusion?
  12. zaksmomrn84

    Stumped on questions for my NCC exam...challenge your minds!!

    What I was reading is that there can be an asymptomatic viral shedding of HSV and if baby broke out in herpes lesions mom's culture would help them figure it out better before the cultures came back on mom. Thanks everyone!
  13. zaksmomrn84

    Stumped on questions for my NCC exam...challenge your minds!!

    I suppose, but doing more research I think I figured out that platelets is the key because hemolysis would need to be microscopic and can also lead to a different diagnosis where as platelets r a key sign. Agree? As for hsv, the reason I chose no cultures is because it wouldn't show up right away but in going back to thinking that's the answer because it would help peds and one dose of acyclovir wouldn't help at labor time, agree?
  14. zaksmomrn84

    Stumped on questions for my NCC exam...challenge your minds!!

    No no to clarify I am practicing to take my test on the 24. I know they are easy questions to some but for me, a bad test taker I always see 2 right answers. Sorry to ask...
  15. I have a meeting soon and my manager wants me to share any articles I read on new practices/evidence based research. Anyone know of anything recent or where to search?