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I'm a pre nursing student currently taking Anatomy. I've done pretty well in my other classes so far but Anatomy has got the best of me. What tips might other students have to pass Anatomy. [emoji57]

KhanAcademy on YouTube is helpful. As are the A&P Coloring Books on Amazon.

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I'm in it right now and one thing seems to help are going to lab as much as possible. At the school I'm at we can go to multiple lab sessions a week. Review anytime you have down time, even if its just for a couple of minutes. Taping the lecture and listening to it in the car is helpful for me. I also use the Anatomy Coloring Book. Reading flash cards or notes over and over doesn't help me, I have to re-write it or cover the labels on my lab atlas and then try to "fill in the blank". There are some good anatomy websites out there where you can play games like match the name to the structure... the repetition is helpful for me. Good luck! I am counting down the weeks to the end of the semester!!


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Thank you for the info. Also I've changed my user name. Sorry I wasn't aware of that


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I started off using flash cards as well and that is not helping. I will have to go online and look up some anatomy exercises. Thank you for your help


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I know you said flashcards haven't helped, but have you tried I hated writing out flashcards but typing them out electronically was much easier and you can upload them into your smart phone with an app.

Recording the lectures was a big thing that helped. Going to any supplemental lab and lecture I could. Sometimes writing out charts. Just a lot of things. It's a lot, no way around it. :-//


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put in time every day! it not a subject you should even attempt to cram


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Do you know your learning style? I had to write things out multiple times. Like pp said, many students have been successful with the coloring books. I've seen another post where the student took pics in the lab. When I had to memorize the arm veins for phlebotomy, I took my diagram & made copies & used white out on the answers & labeled them myself. Another poster on another thread said they did what I did but instead of making multiple copies they put the original in a sheet protector so they could write over it & erase. Amazon has the anatomy & physiology 4 dummies books & a&p made incredible visual. U can get used 4 pretty cheap. Like pp said, youtube & khan r options. Amazon also has flash cards. Theres alot of options, it just depends on your learning style. Good luck. :laugh: if you don't find the answer your looking for, use the search bar. This question comes up alot so you might find more answers on previous threads. :up:


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Flashcards (Study Blue or Quizlet) have help me, as have sites that have labeling exercises. I know University of Minnesota has a web anatomy for labeling.

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I love my anatomy teacher, he was a pathologist and he tends to prattle on and he speaks a little bit low, but he is very interesting to hear, I make flashcards and I google the terms, that is the most helpful(stick to the university websites for accurate information though). I make my flashcards based off of the power points from class.


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Thanks for all the help. I have 7 weeks left for this semester and I am determined to do what it takes to pass this class. All of your responses has helped a lot.

Good luck. It is a crucial class, so it is not one of those useless classes you have to take for your major.