Studying for nclex and feeling lost


Hi so I'm new to this forum but I just scheduled my nclex for the first time and I graduated in aug2016 I'm using the Kaplan and hurst... I did a few q banks ranging from 59-75 questions and my scores are from 46-64 with a cumulative average of 54 I'm very nervous as to if I will pass this test. Does anyone have any helpful tips on how to get higher scores and what they did to study and pass tia! :) Michelle

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Look into need a lot more than 75 question qbanks. ATI gives comprehensive practice tests, a NCLEX predictor that will tell you your chances of passing NCLEX your first time, and LOTS of practice questions (I probably did 5000 questions). I passed the first time with 75 questions (29 of which were SATA). Worth the time and money for ATI.

How many questions have you done total? I read somewhere that we must do at least 3500 questions. Good luck


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I'm not exactly sure I did 5 Kaplan trainers so far a bunch of the q banks and 2 hurst q banks that are 125 each and I use the mastery app on my phone def over 1500 questions so far


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I heard a lot of good reviews about u world I think I will try it? Did u use anything else or just that and about how many question daily and how long before I have a little less than 5 weeks to study

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I loved UWorld I used it and recommended to a lot of my classmates who got it, I also used the Saunders book and the online resources with it. Saunders has a practice test then gives you a study schedule starting with your weakest areas. Make sure that you understand the rationales behind the questions on UWorld and you should do fine on NCLEX.


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I just bought u world yesterday so we'll see it def seems better than the Kaplan the way the rationales are written so hopefully it'll help me understand better