I think it would be great if everyone posts their study tips!!

-I was watching a vid on youtube...made by a nursing student...and her tip was after each chapter she summerizes it.

DUH! :rolleyes: why didnt i think of really works!

whats yours???


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I also watched the study tips vid by Itzcecile, she rocks:bow:! Her study tips are great and they are working for me:yeah:.


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NOTES, NOTES AND MORE NOTES!!!!!! :typing I read, I write. I go to class, I write. I review, I write. I have callous all over my hands now! I also really try to grasp things versus just memorizing it. If I'm unsure of how something correlates, I go through the book and read everything I can until something clicks. I also use various resources as well. For A&P 2 for example, I have the text, the coloring book, lecture notes, my notes, I call my mom (she's an RN) use study groups, the internet,etc. I just am pretty much doing overload I think. Honestly I'm just pulling B's at midterm and really devoting a good chunk of time to my studies, but I'm more focused on understanding than just test tid bits. My theory is I may end up with B's this term, but it should help me gather nursing courses better??????? Or that's just my :bluecry1: Waaaa! I'm studying so hard and just get 80's! Either I'm a big dummy or?????? Yeah, I'm trying to REALLY learn it! :chuckle


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*i think podcasts are great...i downloaded a few last nite for the classes i will be taking in the summer (a&p i and highschool chem)....and their a fantastic way to learn the basics before starting the class....


i cant read the book and retain any thats why im asking for your study tips...i need desperate help to retain info...


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After class, I type up my notes..and then do online flashcards. Even working full-time and part-time jobs..I find time each day to go over those flash cards (which 1 card = 1 line of notes).

My friends think I'm weird but I tell works for me. I must be doing something right because I have high B/low A average in A&P I! :yeah:

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Those Anatomy Coloring books are doing the trick for me. I repeat the name of the part in my head while I am coloring it.


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Coloring is awesome for learning and memorizing anatomy. My AP teacher actually has coloring printouts that he allows us to refer to on a quiz.

I usually just read the chapter once first. Then, I go back and write out definitions. Finally, I do some concept questions in the back of the chapter. Then, I practically write out the whole chapter summary the day before a test.


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One thing that works for me is to review the chapter(s) before class, take notes from the professor and then after class type the notes. It seems like a lot to do, but it really works because your constantly reviewing.


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my study tips are

*Review chapters before class. Keep the big picture in mind.

*Take Notes while you're in the classroom, mark where the teacher emphasizes on. So you know where to study for the TEST!.

*Read over the chapters again after class, take short notes or make flash cards, memorize those vocab and try to understand it as much as you can cuz it's better than just memorize it and not understand it. Try to relate it with something funny or something in real life like... muscles, this is where I got bit by my neighbor's dog or this is where you like to tickle your sister or anything like that.

* Take practice tests. This one really help me because it points out where is my weaknesses and strengths and where I need to work on.

* Before test, just look over in the chapters one more time, not serious just read it and flow with it then you should rock the test!


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I know it's hard to do sometimes, but the best way for me is to teach it. If I know it well enough to explain it to someone else, then I never have a problem on tests. if you find someone (spouse, struggling classmate, or classmates that are willing to quiz and be quizzed random questions on the subject) that will ask you questions - even the act of looking up an answer for something you don't know seems to help add concrete to the foundation.

I took A&P with my wife, and it used to tick her off because she spent so much time re-reading, memorizing, and quizing me that when it came time to test, I did better with what seemed like less effort - just stuck in my mind easier that way.


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Before each class, I read the chapters that the prof will be lecturing on. When I get home from each class, I usually re-write my notes. Re-writing helps reinforce what I learned and helps for memorization. Near my test dates, I re-read the chapters and my notes. Afterwards, I explain the concepts to myself out loud without my detailed notes, very much like I am giving a presentation. It helps me feel confident that I know the material I will be tested on. :-)


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A agree teach teach teach!!!! (I actually learned this in my psych class too!)

I had a lab partner who just couldn't "get it"... So I would have to turn around and explain everything to her. It helps! I promise!!! :D

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