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i have my rn exam in 45 days i really want to pass exam but i don't understand where to start study.please help my to choose review course and any other online material.i pass out in 2007,so its hard to study again i don't have any material without kaplan rn course book i take 7day study guide course but i think that is useless..............

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There is much shared already on studying the NCLEX and we prefer if everyone could just post their notes to help others as this is what the forum is all about


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If it has been since 2007 that you have studied, I recommend a full content review, being in a study group for 3 months and possibly a tutor. Content needs to be refreshed AND decision-making; confidence needs to be built again. Good luck!


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what resources are you using? I'll recommend PDA by La charity. I feel like this book made a huge different for my second time taking the nclex.

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I am assuming that your state will allow you to test with your graduation being 5 years ago. This test will be a challenge for you.....this is frequently talked about here a quick search here......Google Search Results for NCLEX-RN thread and here

You would probably benefit from a formal review course.

I wish you the best.