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does any one have suggestions on whats the best way to memorize/study for anatomy and pathology tests? :confused:

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What system/area are you being tested on?


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The best way to study for A & P is to learn the material, and not to memorize it for the time being since you will need to know it down the road.

Have you tried using flash cards, or computer programs that have diagrams and models on them? Even using the models the lab has helps since you are seeing them 3d.

From there, its just practice! Kepp going over all the info until you can correctly explain or identify certain structures.

Its a hard course but with persistence, determination, and lots of studying you can get through it :)

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Do you have a cd in the back of your book?? I really like using those cd's.


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What always helps me study for anything is note cards. ALSO, I break everything down and separate it. Because if you try to learn everything in whole it's alot harder, than taking one thing, breaking it down (on a chart, or in a notebook). Make sure you learn one thing before moving onto the next is also a biggie!

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check out the web anatomy site. you will find the link to it in the first post of this thread i've linked you to below. web anatomy has all kinds of anatomical pictures you can label. they are organized by body system. if you are looking for more links to web sites with a&p information just post another message here and let me know. i have pages of links to anatomy sites.

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