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Students interested in finding out about CRNAs


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Hello to all the Nursing students out there! I am a CRNA and I was wondering how many nursing students would like to learn about what advance practice options maybe available to you after you complete your nursing degree. I have found that while most nursing students have heard of nurse practitioners, many students know very little about CRNAs. I have been thinking about contacting local nursing schools to see if they would be interested in having a CRNA talk to students regarding the nurse anesthetist profession. Let me know what you think.

is a crna similar to a nurse practitioner or a midwife or something? I'd like to know some info. Im a pre-nursing student and I would like to get my masters degree someday:wink2::wink2:


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I am interested in learning more about CRNA's. Where are you located. I am in Atlanta, Ga.


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A CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist) is an advanced practice nurse with at least a masters degree. I deliver anesthetics to patients in the OR. In the area I live in, all anesthetics are delivered by CRNAs. In fact, in the state that I live in, 60% of the counties are CRNA only counties (no anesthesiologist). If you needed your appendix out or an epidural for your delivery in those counties, a CRNA would be the anesthesia provider caring for you.

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I think many of the nursing schools would love to have you come, especially in a roles class.

I'm an adult health CNS and because I'm involved in our statewide APN organizations, I give occasional talks to students. (I was also a broadcaster in my previous life!)


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I am located in Missouri


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I've contacted several local schools and I can't seem to get past the secretaries. I've called and left messages. Its a little frustrating....

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I think that is a great idea. I wish we'd have people from different specialties come and talk to us about their areas.

I have two friends that are crna's and hope to be one myself one day. Where I live I think that crna's are very well known, but most don't understand the school/time commitment it takes to become one. Plus in the state where I live (Texas) there are only 5 schools that have that option and they are located in only 3 cities.

I think you have a great idea, I wonder why the schools are not letting you present them with the option.

CRNA seems boring. I am all for the action in the ER. I respect your effort for motivating prospective advance practice nurses. I plan to obtain my masters soon in FNP or PA. However, I am torn between the two.

I have been considering becoming a CRNA for the past two years. now i am starting to think more of becoming an NNP. I'm kind of torn. I'm going to be volunteering at a hospital soon so I'm hoping that would help me. I am not even in NS yet but i would love to have a CRNA come and speak. Interesting that no one is getting back to you


I am VERY interested in knowing more about CRNAs! I have been considering eventually becoming one for 3 years now. I begin Nursing School next semester but have a few obstacles in my way for continuting education after my RN degree. If you don't mind, I would greatly appreciate if you could answer a few questions for me! I have heard different years as to when new CRNAs will need their doctorates degree instead of their masters. Do you know the correct year? I've heard 2012, than 2025. Also, did you raise a family while going to school? I do not have any children YET, but want to before I'm 30. Any advice on how I can become a CRNA without feeling like I'm abandoning my family for those couple of years?

I think it's great that you're seeking to help students expand their possibilities! :yeah:


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I go to a local Community College and they have CRNA's talk to us through the SNA it was a very informative discussion. Perhaps you could contact the various Student Nurse organizations and see if they can set something up for you.

I am not yet in nursing school but i am getting in soon and i want to attend grad school for the CRNA program. Most of the information i found are online and as much as i love those it would be nice to talk to a real person, it is nice that you are trying to do this...