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We've had several threads from everyone saying they were accepted to various schools, but if everyone is willing let's do one big thread for everyone that will be starting anesthesia school this... Read More

  1. by   wvccrn
    Applied to CAMC School of Nurse Anesthesia in Charleston West Virginia Feb 2005. Made alternate for that year and given a seat in the May 2006 class. Only school I applied to , has good rep. I worked for CAMC as a nurse for 11 years. All clinicals will be within the medical centers three divisions. Anyone else going here?
  2. by   ellarose
    Barry University January 2007!!
  3. by   In2B8
    Starting school at the U of Scranton in August 2006. I chose it because it has a good reputation, and is not a far commute from my house
  4. by   gatornurse2004
    hey ellarose,
    im wondering if you were in my interview group. There was 6 of us and they were all great!...when did you interview??
  5. by   vadrn
    Arkansas State, January 2007.
  6. by   fungirl
    Quote from vadrn
    Arkansas State, January 2007.

    applied to TCU, TWU, MUSC, Baylor, and MSU in Springfield, MO. Interviewed everywhere except Baylor, and accepted everywhere that I interviewed. Picked TCU, because I liked the directors when I interviewed with them. Fort Worth, is closer to home/family than I am currently, so that is a bonus!!! Then off to Cali for clinicals!! Good Luck to all!!!
  7. by   j-bird
    Anybody applying for UAB for the Fall of 2007.
    Almost got all of my paperwork in.
    Did good on MAT.
    GPA 3.65.
    Deadline is Oct. 1, 2006.
    Any advise for UAB applicants?
  8. by   nia_king
    Only applied to Duke University; loved the interview Got accepted and I start in January, 2007... Can't wait. Anyone else?
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  9. by   army-srna
    Army program jun 07....
  10. by   EvelynRN-BSN
    I read that you were accepted to Georgetown and University of Maryland. I have applied for Fall 2007 and waiting for a response. They have to receive my GRE Score and after October 06 deadline they will review all applications.
    Do you have any recommendation/suggestions for the interview process, if I am one of the selected applicants.

  11. by   North Cacalacky
    1.University of Tennessee at Chatanooga-offered interview for class beginning summer 2006, waiting list, classes began in August so I guess I didn't get in!!!(HA).
    2. University of New England-offered interview-declined interview
    3. Arkansas State-offered interview in late 2005 for 2007 accademic year- accepted into program-begin January 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  12. by   rnbeauty
    Can You Give Me Some Advise For Applying To Both Umab And Georgetown. I Live In Maryland And Will Apply To Both Schools. What Kind Of Questions Did They Ask You During The Interview, What Icu Did You Work In And How Many Years Of Experience Do You Have. Thanks In Advance For Responding.
  13. by   piper_for_hire
    Villanova - accepted for 2007 (yay!)
    St. Joe's - accepted for 2008
    Jefferson - declined interview
    Drexel - declined interview