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  1. Miss Von

    Starting School Monday

    I have my fingers crossed for you. Keep us posted on how your first week goes. I'll be in the same boat come August 14th. I definitely know the scared excited feeling. It's comforting to know that so many before us felt the same way and did GREAT!. Keep God first and I wish you well. ~Von
  2. Miss Von

    Alternative Loans - here's what I've found

    I believe you can get more than that. I did the Sallie Mae Tuition Answer loan..I believe that is the name of it. The max itself is $40,000 a year so that is more than $30,000. Plus the school has NO CLUE I have it because they sent the check to me. With that being said I was able to get some money from a Stafford Loan also. So you can get more money than that, but if they all go to the school first then there is a cap. If that was all you could get people wouldn't get through CRNA,med, or law school etc.
  3. Miss Von

    OR to critical care?

    Maybe I was blind to it all, but I never knew it was difficult to get hired into an ICU. However, to answer your question my friend worked in the OR for about 4 years before working in the ICU with me. She had been an ICU nurse for a little over a year and is going to CRNA school this fall. I believe OR experience is useful and also allowed you to see them in action. Transferring from any unit to the ICU should never be difficult even if it was psych. They have to take new grads...which I was so why not nurses who have skills in other specialties. Best of luck to you!
  4. Miss Von

    Thinking about CRNA... Advice PLEASE!

    When I first read this post I thought to myself it doesn't deserve a response, but as I thought about it I realized there are more who will wonder through and need to be informed. I have had a few residents and MD's say to me the "regular RN" they WISH they had gone the CRNA route.....hmmmmm interesting. Posting on a nursing site and saying that you don't want to do it, and that it is your backup was intentional disrespect. You could have read as much as you wanted and not taken the time to join and post anything. If you aren't happy within the profession you WILL NOT MAKE it to get to CRNA school. I really wanted to be a nurse and sometimes I don't think I can make it. You have to WANT to do it, and not just WANT to be a CRNA. That comes with time when you have developed your love of critical care. Cleaning teeth have NOTHING on cleaning poo multiple times( even sucking it out of the bed with a yaunker...gotta love those days), changing sheets constantly from a weeping edematous patient who now resembles the Marshmellow man, and giving up your nights, weekends, and holidays. You better stick to your 9-5, and I mean that in the nicest way possible:devil:! DISCLAIMER: Nothing against anyone in the dental profession. I highly respect what you do because I personally couldn't (something about mouth goobies have me traumatized)do it and look forward to our meetings every 6 months )
  5. Miss Von

    Chemistry in CRNA program

    In my opinion if you want to expand your knowledge extra classes never hurt. However many programs do not require organic chemistry. Why take it if you don't need it. Especially if your grade in your chemistry class is decent. I re-took a Biochemistry course because I didn't remember much from before and I wanted to make a better grade...amazing what you do your freshman year in college. I do think that if you grasped the concepts you learned and can apply them in nursing then why bother. Anything you need to know in anesthesia school they will teach you in anesthesia school. If you want basic chemistry understanding for personal growth re-take chemistry. You have probably learned more than you think.
  6. Miss Von

    # of schools applied to?

    I applied to 3 schools. Interviewed at two and was accepted by both Georgetown and Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia. Both are great schools, but I chose Raleigh because in-state tuition is a lot better for me than private. Plus it is closer to home. I will have been a nurse for two years when I start in August of '06 (was a nurse for just over a year at the time of my interviews). My unit was a medical surgical ICU at a trauma center. I know my Swans because I saw lots of those. No experiences with balloon pumps. Just be familiar with the things that are prevalent in your setting. For me it was sepsis and hypovolemia etc. GPA 3.3 and re-took my Biochemistry course to look more competitive. GRE shall remain hidden because let's just say it wasn't my friend. Apparently I understand math, can write a great essay, but don't know half the words in the english language.Go figure,but I made up for it in other areas. I have great interviewing skills and that was a plus. Also if they see you have weaknesses on your application, for me it could be GPA and GRE scores, then you have to know that they can be attacked at interviews. If they don't address them then bring them up yourself and explain what situations were going on and that it doesn't accurately determine your success once accepted into an anesthesia program. Was going to get CCRN if not accepted, but now I am not going to bother. Really excited and I wish you the best of luck!
  7. Miss Von

    How many years?

    If you look at past posts the number of years of experience ALWAYS vary. It is not so much the years of experience, but what you learn while there. I worked for 1 year including new grad orientation in a med-surg ICU before applying and being accepted into school. Best wishes to you!
  8. Miss Von

    managers letter of rec

    Managers know that is one of their responsibilities once they take on that position. My manager takes it as a compliment once someone applies to anesthesia school, and even more so if they are accepted. It lets her know that the skills on her unit are beneficial and utilized. Believe it or not managers know more than you may think about your work ethic. You would be surprised at the things they would be able to say about you in your recommendation. Hope it all works out for you!