What about living in a winnebago to help pay down loans?

  1. Hi. I'm headed to CRNA school. I'm 45. I only have 45G saved. I'm single, have a dog.

    Given that I am Canadian and generally tough when it comes to roughing it, has anyone considered living in a winnebago, and moving state to state working locum tenens contracts?

    I was thinking it was a fabulous way to travel for a few years and bust out some serious loan re-payments.

    Thanks for posting.
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  3. by   martymoose
    ive thought about that more for retirement, but now's not a good time.

    Go for it.
  4. by   quiltynurse56
    That would be a great way to do travel nursing. I have heard of people doing it this way. You have everything you need with you that will always feel like home. Find places to park it that aren't too expensive too. That will take some research and planning on your part.
  5. by   Buyer beware
    That's a great idea. And with the fugal way you Canadians tip wait staff, even more money for the loan mill payments.
    But I must say I do love Neil Young and Ian and Sylvia nonetheless.
  6. by   soapfloats
    I lived in a travel trailer for six months and loved it. It was not roughing it at all.

    The only downside was that family thought we were nuts and *gasp* poor.

    I plan to go again for longer when the kids are grown up and moved out.
  7. by   globalkimSRNA
    Oooooooo sting! For the record, the reason they are bad tippers is that where they're from, there are next to no poor starving homeless people and they are taxed at about 18-25% average. All true.

    I am actually a New Yorker (I am a dual citizen, American/Canadian) and am a 20% tipper ;/
  8. by   emb92250
    Check out the travel nurse part of this site. There are more details there. You have to be kinda careful tho. Unless you maintain a "tax home," it likely wouldn't be advantageous.