Rosalind Franklin 2017

  1. Hi! Anyone else starting Rosalind Franklin dnap this May?? Looking to connect with my classmates.
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  3. by   GaMommy81
    I hope to be your classmate. I am getting my application together to submit soon. I would love to ask you questions. I have a lot.
  4. by   nyc10002
    Hi GaMommy81, I haven't started the program yet, but you should send in your app! They all were very helpful and welcoming.
  5. by   GaMommy81
    That's awewome. I didnt realize they had interviews already. Do you mind sharing what the interview process was like? How many people have been accepted already?
  6. by   nyc10002
    Hi I'm not allowed to talk about the interview, I'm sorry! But like I said they're all very helpful if you have questions about the process. I don't know how many people have been accepted yet, but I remember reading the deadline isn't for a few months?
  7. by   GaMommy81
    Okay thanks. The deadline is February 28th. Congratulations!!
  8. by   BHRN85
    I'm looking into this school as well and can't find too much info, would either of you mind posting your GPA & GRE ?
  9. by   MLB4
    Where are you from? My friend is also starting the program in May! I would be happy to give her your contact information or vise versa if you are interested. She found out she was accepted first week of January! PM me
  10. by   ERiley1
    Hey guys! I'll be applying to this school as well! Actually, my part has been done for weeks, just waiting on my references... I love them, but they're dragging their feet which is making me go crazy! Anyway.. I know you can't speak specifics of the interview but could you say if it is more clinically based or personality based? I know all of them are slightly different. If not, no big deal, just curious . Looking forward to hearing the verdict for everyone! I hope we all get to meet in IL!
  11. by   ERiley1
    Well, I interviewed yesterday! Any updates from anyone who interviewed before!? Who got in!?
  12. by   nyc10002
    Hi how did it go? I interviewed back in December. I'm anxiously waiting to find out who my new classmates will be and what to expect with our class schedule.
  13. by   nyc10002
    Hi I can't PM yet, any luck for you? I would love to connect!
  14. by   ERiley1
    I can't PM yet either, and I have no idea how it went lol. Hopefully it went well, but I'll find out for sure next week. How many people were in your interview group and how many do you know of that have gotten in so far? Just playing the numbers game in my head to try to make some predictions. There were 10 people in my group.