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  1. Rosalind Franklin University CRNA 2024

    Hey everyone! I will be applying soon to Rosalind Franklin University's CRNA program starting May 2024. I know applications in NursingCAS will open on August 10, 2023 and will close on December 15, 2023. I've heard that it is very competitive wi...
  2. AdventureOrNothing

    Rosalind Franklin University CRNA App 2023

    Let's watch this Rosalind Franklin University application process together! Notes: the app went live August 11th 2022 and it's a rolling application so get your stuff in asap. I went to the info session and it sounds like virtual interviews are ...
  3. Rosalind Franklin CRNA 2022

    Hi all! I applied to Rosalind Franklin Entry DNP program (CRNA) for Summer 2022. I got an email saying my application is on hold about a week after turning in my application. Wondering if this is a nice way to say I was rejected? And I wanted to star...
  4. Hello all, I'm currently applying to both RF and Northshore. I am not from the area and would like to gather additional information. Does one school offer something the other school doesn't? Please help!
  5. Rosalind Franklin CRNA 2021

    Hello all! I have read all of the posts from the 2020 group and wanted to start the 2021 thread in hopes of connecting with other applicants while we all try and navigate this during the pandemic. I applied to RFU CRNA DNP program and have sched...
  6. Rosalind Franklin 2018

    Was just accepted to Rosalind Franklin for May 2018. I just wanted to start this thread to come into contact with others planning on attending or hoping to in May also.
  7. Rosalind Franklin CRNA 2019

    Hi all! I was waitlisted earlier this year for Rosalind Franklin's CRNA program that began in May. I reapplied this week and just wanted to connect with others applying!
  8. Rosalind Franklin 2017

    Hi! Anyone else starting Rosalind Franklin dnap this May?? Looking to connect with my classmates.
  9. Rosalind Franklin CRNA 2020

    Curious to find out if there are anybody else who also submitted applications for DNP CRNA at Rosalind Franklin University for May 2020 start date.

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