Working and FNP

  1. I am going to go to school part rime in the fall for my MSN-FNP. I also work 32hrs a week. Any good advice??? Oh and a 2year old, and a supportive husband.
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  3. by   jaznia15
    I started school full time last summer. I went PRN at my job but have done at least three 12 hour shifts a week even some overtime throughout the program thus far with good results. I have a soon to be 6 year old son, and am a single parent. My mother is a godsend and watches my son whenever I need her to. I still have to work around his extracurricular activities such as soccer, basketball, and t-ball throughout the year so it gets rough trying to schedule around those things, school and work. But I will say its doable, you just have to be determined and have a plan in place. I have had to cut back working when it comes to the week of an exam. I'm assuming you work 8 hour shifts so you might find it hard when you start your clinical courses, but plan ahead.
  4. by   ETS-Nikki
    I did my program part time over 3 years. The first year was fine. Online classes...easy. The last two years were a mess. I was working 3 12hr shifts a week and doing class and clinicals. I had something going every day. On top of that I was having a new home built and my husband is a pilot and out of the country a lot. It is doable. However, you will get real tired of seeing patients. You will be stressed and not sleep much. I did save up all my vacation time so that I could take it the week of exams and to get in extra clinical time. Find preceptors who are flexible. If they do long days where you can to and get in your required hours that will help. Especially if they work Saturdays or even Sundays. If you can do hours in a prompt care, take it. They work long days and you will get the best experience.
  5. by   BostonRN13
    I worked 28 hours a week and felt like with class, clinicals and a child under 1 year and a husband to take care of, that was enough. I rarely had a free couple of hours to myself that didn't consist of writing papers, studying or putting in clinical hours. I think you'll be okay with 32 hrs/week but you'll be counting the days until youre free!!
  6. by   NJprisonrn
    I totally agree. I am in the last few weeks of my summer pediatrics class. I feel as if all I do is either work, do homework, or go to class/clinical. It is quite a lot of work. I am grateful that I have a supportive husband and no kids. I keep telling myself it will all be worth it in the end. And it will be. I have less than one more year to go! I had my clinical evaluation today. I don't know what my grade was but I have hope. We can do it!!!