Why did you pick your NP Program?

  1. As the title suggests, I'm looking for why people decided on the programs that they are currently in and graduated from. Was cost part of the decision? Was acceptances or location an issue? What did you hope to get out of your training with that program (i.e. having enough clinical hours to practice in most states)? With the NP field (psych, primary care...), what were you looking for (i.e. more autonomy)? Did school reputation play a role in your decision?
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  3. by   PG2018
    Interest, need, money.
  4. by   Alicia777
    Cost, convenience, accepting previously earned Masters credits towards the program, didn't need a GRE
  5. by   juan de la cruz
    Cost...picked a state university for in-state tuition
    Location...could commute from home and after work
    Specialty Focus...interest in Adult ACNP, preceptors arranged by program
    Format...on-campus program
    Reputation...good locally though not well known nationally, many pharmacists, NP's, PAs, MD's in the area are alumni.
  6. by   SnowShoeRN
    Able to get to via public transportation, good reputation in the community, rolling admission, didn't require GRE, knew several colleagues who had gone through it. It was a good program, but sometimes I do regret the cost. I probably could have gone somewhere else and still had a good quality education by paying a lot less.
  7. by   sailornurse
    Location-45 Miles from my hometown. Right next-door to some major hospitals eventually I secured a job as an RN and one of those. Cost instate tuition even though I Live in a neighboring state. Total cost about 10,000. They have a very good reputation. They found our preceptors for us. Small class size there were only 10 in my cohort. I was able to work while doing this due to the way they scheduled the classes every other weekend starting from Friday evening and all day Saturday. Now that didn't mean we had a lot of homework to do between the next class still it was very doable. I just applied there for my DNP.
  8. by   hopefulwhoop
    Went there for my BSN and know it's a great school. Plus, it was affordable, certainly more affordable than all these private schools I hear about on the freakin' radio. And no offense, but it has a better reputation than these online private schools I hear advertised regularly.
  9. by   NPOaftermidnight
    Honestly? It's the only program within reasonable driving distance. Luckily, it also happens to be part of the hospital I work at, has a solid reputation in the community, and has affordable state tuition (that work pays in full).
  10. by   Dr.Naija_Queen
    I chose my program because I would be awarded an MSN and DNP once completed. I also chose it because it was accredited. Thinking back on it, the program was costly, but I feel that it was well worth it. I just wanted to be done with school, and not worry about going back for another degree. I'm fairly young and will be in the work force for a long time.
  11. by   Psychcns
    5 miles from my house in major teaching hospital area. Psych specialty. Good reputation. Affordable.
  12. by   KatieMI
    Availability (I live in the middle of nowhere and cannot drive 2.5 hours one way three times a week for main campus)
    Low cost (relatively)
    Competitive admission and academically challenging program. I spent 3 years compulsively picking up my nose as undergrad, and do not want to pay for the same for 18 months more.
    Teaching what I want do do, quickly and effectively (a.e.b. 100% Boards passing rate and nursing theory courses at bare required minimum)
  13. by   CaNP
    Sounds like a good programme. Do you mind sharing which school you attended?
  14. by   gelli.25
    In state, <20k, 100% pass rate, nice curriculum, online with minimum visits, full time and part time option, low student to faculty ratio, contract with my employer's network, no GRE required, pretty good reputation.