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Hey everyone! This thread is for all of those out there who are planning on applying to one of Vanderbilt's MSN programs for Fall 2013. I'm starting to get my application packet together. I... Read More

  1. by   mctlhunt
    looks like, from previous threads, maybe just if they have questions? just ready to know yes or no ; )
  2. by   nurserobyn89
    When I applied for combination program NMW/FNP last year I had a phone interview with faculty from both programs. From prior experience and understanding NMW and FNP both interview applicants.
  3. by   mctlhunt
    Were you on waitlist for last year?
  4. by   nurserobyn89
    I submitted my application after the priority deadline and applied for the dual program NMW/FNP. NMW stated that I wasn't a "good fit" for the program but FNP admitted me. When they told me I was admitted they did not realize that space was full for both fulltime and parttime so I did not find until 2 weeks later that they were full! I spoke with a few people and they said that they could not just "create an extra seat" and that I would have to be moved to waitlisted. Henceforth, no one declined admissions for FNP so I had to "reapply" for the following year and for fulltime position ensuring that everything was complete back in october! They just had me submit an additional letter of recommendation. So everything should be golden this time around!
  5. by   mctlhunt
    Oh thats good! I did not score very well on the GRE but I am a distance RN-BSN with a good GPA. I am glad they look at the whole person because I am sure they have a decent idea of what it takes to get through this program.
  6. by   KoKe
    When does Vanderbilt notify applicants on their admission decision?
  7. by   hannahzp
    Early march.
  8. by   celticsgirl17
    Has anyone heard about pediatrics yet?
  9. by   tony55!
    I took the GRE today and it was hard. I have been out of school 10 years so that probably made a big difference. I studied for 3 months, but the math was awful. I did ok on verbal. I may need to take it again. I want to go to USC (South Carolina), for the FNP program. I believe the best way to study is the ETS site. I did not realize this until the end of my study time, but now that I know I think I will do better if I need to retake the test.
    I believe students that are just finishing their BSN should do better while on the test without alot of study. If you take the practice test from the ETS site that will give you a great ideal of how well you will do on the actual test.
    Checking in to the GRE testing site is like going to prison.
    After I looked at the date on your post, I realized you have probably already taken the test too. I hope you got the score you needed or will get the score you need.
  10. by   nurserobyn89
    Around the last week of February to the first week of March most people receive a decision it seems...
  11. by   bclark512
    @nurserobyn89- If you don't mind me asking i'm a little concerned about the statement of you not being a "good fit" for the NMW track. What would make someone a poor fit?

    I applied for the NMW track and haven't been contacted about an interview. I had initially planned on doing the dual focus, but just applied to NMW track instead. I did wonder if it would be possible to add it on if I decide later I am wanting to do it, but so early on in my career (23yo and just graduating with BSN in may) I don't know that FNP is my path, but definitely sure that NWM is. I do think it would be great to have! Great opportunity to do primary care for the whole family.
  12. by   jenny.j
    Quote from mctlhunt
    looks like, from previous threads, maybe just if they have questions? just ready to know yes or no ; )
    Just called them and they said they only schedule interviews for fnp applicants if they have any questions
  13. by   nurserobyn89
    I am still fairly early in my career as well....I am 23 but I have been a RN for two years and I graduated with my BSN when I was 21....I wasn't a "good fit" based on my interview with the nurse midwife faculty... Essentially, I lacked enthusiasm with the intrapartum process (L&D)....I did not have a great response when she asked me what kind of intrapartum experiences I was looking for.. my response was "oh whatever you have to offer since I do not have much intrapartum experience" (I am an OR nurse!) when in actuality I HATE labor and delivery!!! So i was not surprised....I applied for the dual program because I wanted to be able to deliver babies if I needed was not going to be a top priority lol....with the dual program you do the NMW stuff first and then the FNP classes seems like the emphasis is more so on the NMW and you are trained to FNP if need be....when the admissions counselor contacted me she said you have an unusual situation because apparently most people are accepted into NMW and denied FNP but I was the regards to adding a specialty on later I actually asked about that last year and I was told it is very difficult to have to meet with several people and "petition" and apply with that program and state why and it can delay graduation or something...