Personal Statement

  1. Should you put a personal statement in APA format or is it supposed to be kind of a free for all informal type statement? I am conflicted about putting it in true APA format vs. just formatting it to look nicely on a printed copy. There are not specific instructions beyond it being 500-700 words along with a prompt with bullet points to include in the statement.

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  3. by   gelli.25
    You should probably contact admissions and ask them to be for sure. One of the programs I was going to apply for specifically stated to write in APA format, none of the others did.

    One of the programs I am applying for doesn't specify to, but I think I am since I am sending it by snail mail.

    Good Luck!
  4. by   decembergrad2011
    Thank you! I am applying online and it doesn't specify. I wish it did!
  5. by   chevygirl1987
    Are you citing something for your personal essay?
    You should just be able to write it using proper grammar, of course.
  6. by   littlepeopleRNICU
    I would think just have to be double-spaced and maybe a professional style/size shouldn't need a title page or a reference(unless I guess, you were for some reason citing something?). Mine just had a restriction on how long it could be. But contact the admissions office and ask.
  7. by   verdeacres
    Wow, doing course work in APA is bad enough, but a personal statement? Hopefully it should be just an essay, with standard correct grammar, etc.