Ohio University Online FNP.. can they legally do this?

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    I have been admitted to Ohio University's online FNP program for Spring 2013. the semester is supposed to start January 14. I have been very excited about this program, although there were some issues along the way. However, I recently received an e-mail from the program director that stated "You may have already been notified by the Graduate College that you were admitted for the Spring 2013 Term; however, the program has reached enrollment capacity." It then goes on to say I can either wait until summer or drop out. They sent this e-mail December 20 - 3 weeks before the semester starts. I received a letter in October telling me I was admitted - it states nowhere that this could change. I have been talking with my advisor often since November, and received information of the classes I am to take, dates for Orientation, and textbook information. I am extremely disappointed in this program. I have cut down hours at work in order to focus on classes and cannot get those hours back. I was told by the advisor that admission to this program is on a first come, first serve basis, and that I was among the first group of students admitted. I was wondering if anyone else has had any issues with Ohio University, and if anyone knows if they can legally tell a student they are admitted and then withdraw that admission due to their mistake? I am so angry about this! Thanks for your input!
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  3. by   JerseyBSN
    I am so sorry. This just does not sound right, I've never heard of such a thing. Me? I would call the department head and if I still didn't get any satisfaction I would call the president of the university. For them to send you notification of being accepted and then later put out. Nope, there something not right going on there. Please let us know what happens and God Bless.
  4. by   mtsteelhorse
    I would find another program personally. I just finished my BSN at OU and the program deteriorated as I progressed. I applied to the FNP early in my BSN (was encouraged to do so). Alas, I was denied admission with no feasible explanation. Months later they tell me they can't accept students from my state. No refund of application fee...all the fees for transcripts, etc. Completely misled through the whole process. Have you considered Walden? Kaplan? I know people knock those programs but you should read some of the threads about Walden. Everyone takes the same exam. I'm taking a close look at some of those schools. Run from OU!
  5. by   DidiRN
    I agree with JerseyBSN...call them. Sounds typical though of OU They've had so many glitches in their system and so many dumb things mess up, I wonder if that's what happened to you.
  6. by   mtsteelhorse
    Glitches is an understatement, lol! I can't believe the MSN advisor. When I finally reached her after numerous phone calls and emails she practically chewed me out. I knew then and there NOT getting accepted was a blessing. If they can't get their admissions straight what else are they going to screw up? I hope it works out for you in the best possible way. I feel your frustration. Hang in there...better days ahead. Since you lost those work hours I hope it comes together soon.

    Take care...we're here for ya!
  7. by   BowHunterRN
    Thanks for your support! This school seriously does not have things together. I have been trying for days now to contact someone, yet no one can give me any answers. They conveniently sent me that e-mail the day before they went on break for the holidays, and now their excuse is that everyone is behind from being off. Well, I don't care if they're behind! This is not right. The only contact they have given me is supposedly the head of the program, yet she does not have voice-mail and is not responding to e-mails. If I can't start this Spring, I would like to start by Summer semester, but I am afraid I have already missed deadlines for many programs. I will look into the programs you mentioned though, mtsteelhorse. Thanks for all fo your answers! I will keep you updated!
  8. by   mtsteelhorse
    I have heard Walden is a diploma mill because of the ease of admissions. I just spoke with someone there and I'm not getting that impression. It sounds fairly rigorous. All instructors are PhD prepared. Practicum hours total 576. They are CCNE accredited. They are NOT brick and mortar. Does that matter? I don't know. They are a "for profit" school, yet their tution is WAY less than many and includes books. Cost is about $23,000 for everything. Classes are 12 week qtrs with a week break in-between. The first intro course is 6 weeks long; must maintain 3.0 in program. Overall their retention rate for nursing programs is 96%, however the NP tracks are new so no real data on that. Would love to hear more about it but I guess that's for another thread. I just wanted to follow up on my previous post. Personally, I would NOT attend OU because there are so many other options and they can be so flakey.
  9. by   TASHA_RN_BSN
    That really sounds like a huge inconvenience for you and having to adjust you life to find out you cannot start. What other programs have you considered? It's time for plan B.
  10. by   BowHunterRN
    I finally spoke with someone at the university, apparently the person who made this decison. She stated that their students are having difficulty finding clinical sites (the students already a year into the program). This is therefore pushing the other students behind, so they felt it was best to make the class smaller. They made this decision three weeks before the semester was to start, and the director told me they did it as soon as they could. When I asked why I was chosen to be deferred until summer semester, she stated that they went in order of application date. I was accepted in October, the deadline was not until December. I explained this to her, and she stated that I "probably" shouldn't have been on the list, but there is nothing she can do now but put me on a waiting list. So, Ohio University made many mistakes that therefore have effected me, and all they can say is that they "apologize." I WAS a proud graduate of OU's RN-BSN program, but I will NEVER recommend this university to anyone. While I am disappointed that I have to wait to start my education, I would rather get my education at a University that is established and professional. Ohio University is far from that. Thanks for all of your answers! I am looking into other schools now, there are many out there!
  11. by   mtsteelhorse
    Yes, there a number of great schools to choose from. Good luck. I went down that same nasty road with OU. Move on, it's a new year...best wishes to you!
  12. by   TASHA_RN_BSN
    Yes, expecially when you have to go through all these leaps & bounds. University's should not put perspective students through this type of emotional roller coaster. You tried, they failed.. You shall conquer!
  13. by   RNnan
    To anyone who is considering attending OU and live out of state please, please reconsider. I had an awful experience with the FNP program. I live in the state of Florida and had to drop out of the program because the school does not have the necessary "State" agreements in order for our clinicals to count towards graduation. Understand this has nothing to do with the school have national accredation. There was another student from Texas that left the program when I did, time wasted...

    I did my research, talked with the advisors and was assured they had everything in place for me to attend as an out of state student. They were not and to my understanding are not prepared. This is not an issue with OU only. All online programs are suppose to have agreements with each state for the students that are enrolled in the program so as you continue your search for an online program make sure they have that agreement and if they don't beware.

    This is not a new issue many schools have just failed to comply not that it will soon be a federal requirement and will affect financial aide they are scrambling and it seems as though the list is long for approval... Search the web and become familiar with this issue. I'm not on my personal computer so attach the multiple links but it won't be hard to find...

    As far as the communication with the staff, it's just as bad and mainly because no on knows what is really going on... Towards the end there was a lot of avoidance because they didn't have answers. I never ever received a letter, call, or e-mail about the problem we heard it through the grapevine...

    Bottom line if they can't produce the letter of agreement and from your current experience just look elsewhere... Best of Luck
  14. by   mtsteelhorse
    Well said. I received no communication either. And when I finally called the admissions counselor (after not hearing anything) she was abrupt and rude...had no explanation as to why I had been so misled. I feel sorry for the people who actually started and had to withdraw. What a waste. Yes, be forewarned and well prepared.