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  1. RNnan

    Ohio University FNP Online?

    @kelso915 of course I talked with them before dropping out, I did not make a quick decision to drop out of a program I had invested almost a year and I even talked to the director of the program who was sure but could not give me a definite everytihing was okay. Think about it if they were so sure it would be taken care of why not enroll other students. (???) It was not a problem when I first started the program. Trust I have e-mails from that the issue has not been resolved. Those who choose to stay in the program are trusting that the agreements will be reached by the time clinicals start and others are choosing to go to Ohio.
  2. RNnan

    Ohio University FNP Online?

    @mtsteelhorse, What state are your from, that could have something to do with it. I just had to drop out of the program after almost a year (started Jan 12) in b/c some of us not from the state of Ohio, KY and one other states where in limbo b/c we might not be able to perform clinicals in our state. Heartbroken, time and I'm sure wasted money, but I have to move on.
  3. Also about how much are the students currently enrolled pay per credit hour.
  4. Hi to all, Just curious are any of you from a state other than TN? If so are they allowing you to take clinicals within your state. I'm considering RODP but want to make sure other states are accepted.
  5. This has nothing to do with your question but my question for you is, when exactly did you begin the process to fill out your packet was it during school or after you graduated in May? I will graduate in May of "10 and it seems the only answer I can get from a recruiter, who is 2 hours away, is wait until you graduate and we'll go from there. Any info you can provide will be helpful, thanks in advance.
  6. So when did you start the process to get your packet together was it before or after your commission?
  7. I currently have my ASN, over 40, and entering into the second semester for my BSN. I had previously talked with an Air Force recruiter and he is telling me that I must wait to complete my degree and at that time he would be able to commission me into the Air Force and then I'd attend OTC. After looking at pages of post no where do I seems to be that easy, my question is, is there such a thing as a Direct Commission?