Msn/np online programs. No gre

  1. Good Morning everyone

    I am going to assume this has been asked before, but I am curious to know the answers. I am currently looking for MSN and nurse practitioner schools that are online and do NOT require the GRE. I have already applied to Frontier and UC. I was hoping that someone over the years has made a list or could direct me to some more colleges. I would greatly appreciate this.

    I have been a nurse for a couple years. Specializing in Psych and geri behavioral health and Emergency medicine. Nursing is a passion and a calling, and I want to pursue my advance degrees.

    Thank you in advance

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  3. by   RNGO4IT
    Isu-indiana state
    ball state university
    umass-boston, amherst, darmouth
    university of cinn.
    slu st louis university
    to name a lot
  4. by   melrnbcAL
    UAB will allow a waiver and admit, under probation, if your gpa is 3.2 overall or last 60 hours is 3.2 or greater.
  5. by   mammac5
    You could just take the GRE. It's not a big deal at all.
  6. by   zenman
    Quote from mammac5
    You could just take the GRE. It's not a big deal at all.
    But IMO useless and a waste of time and money...
  7. by   a1eyedbandit
    I agree. Its 160 dollars.... not doing it

    Anyone been to the University of Southern Indiana. They were so nice to me the other day! They have online MSN and NP... thoughts on them please!!!
  8. by   NAURN
    Frontier waives the GRE if GPA is at or above 3.0
  9. by   mtsteelhorse
    Ohio GRE and relatively inexpensive.
  10. by   Lore77
    Anyone with Online/ NP having a hard time finding a job?
  11. by   a1eyedbandit
    Everyone Thank you so much.... do you think 6 schools is enough to apply for????
  12. by   melrnbcAL
    Increases your chances, they have had a record number of applications, from the grape vine, all over the nation. I only applied to my #1 choice and made it in, but I am in-state, and work at the hospital connected. Also my track is not a overly popular one, psych.
  13. by   a1eyedbandit
    LOL I am a psych nurse now
    NP in psych, paid the same or less??
    I work ER as well, so I have applied to family and adult NP programs
  14. by   a1eyedbandit
    I admit... I'm scared....