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Greetings! Soooo after Georgetown kept haunting me to apply, I ended up not getting accepted. Waiting on Univ of Cincinnati (online) acceptance. I never knew graduate school would be this hard to... Read More

  1. by   baldwina1015
    I applied to three schools for FNP. St. Josephs in Maine. I received a denial letter in the mail stating they had large volume of applicants and were not going to be accepting any more applications until next year. I applied close to the deadline for that entry and I wasn't completely surprised. I also applied to Maryville University and was accepted to the online program last week to start August 27th. I am still waiting for a response from UofC as well. My application was complete and submitted on 3/27. They told me to expect it to take 12 weeks so I am not at the 12 week mark yet, this is the tenth week. I would like to have the option to choose, but I am very happy to be accepted at Maryville. I had a 3.1 GPA undergrad. They require no GRE. They took my generic letters of recommendation I had already had copies of, unlike UofC which made me send there electronic forms in. I am anxious to see if I get in, but from what I read on here with other people with high GPAs and more experience than me ( 1.5 years in skilled nursing facility) being rejected. Also I saw other people being excepted for 2013 and with me already accepted for an Aug start at Maryville I will choose to start there with the sooner date. I wish there were graduates or people who are actually in there program on here to give me an idea of both of the programs. I cannot find anything like that and I would love to read a review. I am nervous to find my own preceptor, but I will work on it in the first year in hopes that I will get ahead of the game. Good Luck and I hope we hear something soon!
  2. by   Patti_RN
    When we post comments to message boards our writing quality isn't on par with what we submit to admissions committees. That said, the grammatical errors, mis-spellings, and awkward choice of words on virtually every post on this thread may give a hint as to the reasons for the rejections. No, we don't put forth our best efforts on this board, but the quality of writing here is a reflection of our capabilities. Every school requires an essay. The point of those essays is to determine how well an applicant communicates. Schools look at more than GPAs, GREs, and experience; they also focus on written and verbal communication skills. Most nursing programs don't offer true writing classes (they stress technical writing and proper referencing). This is an enormous disservice to their graduates who never learn to write clearly and without glaring errors. To those struggling to gain acceptance in a grad program, enrolling in a rigorous writing class may greatly improve their chances. I see this as one of the biggest failures of nursing schools and programs. Graduates shouldn't need to take writing classes to improve their skills; they should have gained those skills in nursing school. But, when faced with multiple rejection letters, enrolling in a writing class may be the key to success.
  3. by   rainkissedleaves
    @Snow: What did your volunteer activities and GRE look like? (If you don't mind me asking)
  4. by   itsnowbegun
    I got accepted at UC graduate program for FNP(screaming) yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!! OMG it was the longest 13 weeks of my life. Hahaha. I hope to hear good news from others as well. Thanks again everyone for your feedback and words of encouragement and advice!
  5. by   MSTXnurse
    Congrats, When do you start Itsnowbegun? I start in January for ANP.
  6. by   Tinabeanrn
    Congrats itsnowbegun. What does UC stand for?
  7. by   itsnowbegun
    Thank you! I will start Spring. And UC stands for university of Cincinnati
  8. by   illcleff
    Quote from itsnowbegun
    Thank you! I will start Spring. And UC stands for university of Cincinnati
    What a happy ending for you.. I wish you all the best.
  9. by   mskayteeRN
    Yea, I applied to Georgetown a few months ago and was not accepted. The enrollment advisor was very enthusiastic about getting me in and was there every step of the way until the rejection came. Never heard from her again. I think Georgetown was rejection #5. It started with Vanderbilt, Duke, University of South Alabama, and St. Louis University. I have a MSN already in Nursing Education with a GPA of 3.17. My undergrad GPA was 3.25. I have a total of now 10 years of nursing experience including Med/Surg (including Telemetry, Ortho, GI, and Oncology), Public Health, Home Health, Corrections, and Nursing Education. Since applying to the first four schools, I now have management under my belt. I belong to ANA,MONA, NLN, Chi Eta Phi (hold Secretary position), and Sigma Theta Tau. This has been very discouraging. Constantly asking for LORs, requesting transcripts, and not to mention the application fees...tiresome. I recently heard about Maryville's new online A/GNP and FNP programs and decided to go ahead and apply especially since there was no app fee for applying online. I know one of my sorority sisters is attending their on-campus program and she likes it. I'm right here in St. Louis and I don't know why I never looked at their program. I really had already given up before my boyfriend started getting on to me(I never told him about the rejection letters and all the discouragement I had). He just did not understand how I felt. I started all this applying back in December 2010 with two schools. This has turned into like I guess what Med School feels I had started at Capella working on Gerontology Nursing maybe to prepare myself if I got into a A/GNP program. I must say coming on here has lifted my spirits up and given me much hope and faith that I will be accepted to Maryville's ANP program. All of my LORs should be in to my advisor by the end of the week. My references were more than happy to do the letters for me. So wish me luck!!!
  10. by   itsnowbegun
    Thank you illcleff!

    MskateeRN I must say you have strong determination and great experience under your belt! Now that's modivation for
    Me and others. apparently your Recommenders feel that you are a great nurse and will do great in being a NP. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Those schools or that perfect job just wasn't ready for you yet! Please keep us updated! Best of luck!
  11. by   UVA ACNP14
    Dont feel down lady..I cannot tell you how many times I was denied acceptance into grad school. I never stopped applying. This year I was accepted into 2 grad programs and put on a waiting list for one. Don't give up because God is still in the business of making ways for people where men have said there is no way. Depend on God and keep applying. He will eventually make a way for you like He did for me this year and trust me it will be BEAUTIFUL!
  12. by   Jory
    I had a 4.0 and applied to Frontier and didn't get in.

    I have no idea of what these schools are looking for and I HIGHLY believe they are discriminating against older nurses.
  13. by   rninme
    Quote from Jory
    I had a 4.0 and applied to Frontier and didn't get in.

    I have no idea of what these schools are looking for and I HIGHLY believe they are discriminating against older nurses.
    I really think that the essays and work experience applicants bring to the table have as much sway in the acceptance process as a 4.0 GPA has, maybe more. I will be in my early 50's when I start FNP and I have not felt my age is a deterent at all.