I Got Accepted into FNU Class 110!!!

  1. I just received the email stating I've gotten accepted into Frontier Nursing University Class 1101 I'm super excited! Now, just to save up some of my money to pay for the Frontier Bound really quickly.Who else got accepted?
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  3. by   Cauliflower
    congrats!!! how exciting! when is frontier bound for you and how much does it cost? i applied to class 112, so i'm guessing it'll still be a little while before i hear!
  4. by   djmatte
    I'm waiting to hear on the bridge class that does bridge bound at around the same timeframe. emailed them right before the holiday and was told no decisions were made yet. Hoping i got in. Anyone else hear from the 111 bridge class?
  5. by   frylockholmes
    djmatte: I'm going for class 111, too... it's gotta be this week because Monday the 14th is 6 weeks out. Biting my nails!!
  6. by   NurseB_
    Congratulations MystyqueOne !! Good luck to everyone else that is waiting for acceptance letters from Frontier. I've been interested in Frontier for some time now. I'm interested in the FNP track and have finally made up my mind to apply for the Class of 118. I'm about to start getting my application ready to submit. For people that have been accepted to Frontier, is there any advice that you would give about the application process? Is there anything that can make my application stand out from others? I'm excited about the possibility of going to such a great school (from what I've heard).
  7. by   Grneyzrn
    I applied for class 119, did anyone else?
  8. by   RNewbie
    Quote from VonettaRN
    I applied for class 119, did anyone else?
    I plan to apply for one of the later classes this year. Do you know what the new changes to the curriculum include?
  9. by   arayRN
    What were the cost? And did u have to pay up front?