Best live review for AANP?

  1. I have just 1 year to go (which in my program seems to go really fast, according to past grads) and I'm just thinking ahead as to which live review course to attend. I have been told that Leik and Hollier are very helpful for AANP, just wondering which live review course is the best for that exam? I DO NOT TEST WELL. I had to take my NCLEX twice and have 2 specialty certifications under my belt, both exams I had to take twice also. I have serious text anxiety, and once I get through the nerves of the initial time, I'm able to pass no problem at the second attempt. I'm a bit worried about that, considering job offers will probably be contingent on passing quickly... Thanks!
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  3. by   djmatte
    Best thing I can suggest is questions and more questions. Live review is different for everyone. I liked Holier's approach live and there were a few places I walked away more confident such as understanding anemias, murmurs, and hepatitis. But felt a lot of it kind of lacking on boards. BUT I felt her qbank questions were the exact style you would find on boards. So I would definitely go that route. Leik has a new book out to study from which helped me in some of my primary care modules. She apparently has an online access code, but I recommend the iphone app as the online version for some reason had a TON of type-Os. I never listened to Leik's or the other live reviews so I can't comment on them. But as stated, the best thing you can do for test anxiety (IMO) is to just keep taking tests and doing questions. And figure out ways to methodically work through the questions/material you might struggle with.
  4. by   aprnKate
    I took Barkley and Hollier live review courses. I really liked them both. I prefer Barkley over Hollier because the book has more info. Both courses compliment each other. Hollier has a very engaging class and so does Barkley. I just think that Hollier gets you the basics and Barkley fills in info that Hollier doesn't have. If you just had to choose one you can't go wrong with choosing one of these. Hollier is very easy to listen to on the CDs. I also did Barkley DRT test and APEA questions on line and Leik book.

    Fitzgerald book was a good one too but I chose not to go to her review courses. I bought her CDs used and her voice was extremely monotonous and soooo hard to listen to and keep awake. She goes into way too much details which is good because it will help you once you practice but to actually review for the test I wouldn't choose her review mainly because she goes into too much detail and its hard to pick in the info she puts out what's really important.
  5. by   Bumex
    I personally loved Barkley. Makes everything easily relatable
  6. by   AnnieNP
    I Loved Margaret Fitzgerald.
  7. by   Rathyen
    I didn't do any live review. I had the printed Barkley and the newest Leik book. Took the AANP test 11 days after graduation (today), and passed.