Anyone graduated USC FNP program?

  1. Hi, I'm researching on schools to start my FNP program. I'm interested in USC online program & I heard USC just got accredited. I have to keep my full time job ( 3 days a week flexible though). I want to know if anyone graduated from USC online FNP program and is it doable while working three days ? And how was the board?
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  3. by   NICU&ERnurse
    I'm in the program right now on the part time track. Its very rigorous so if you have no other responsibilities- no kids, needy spouse etc, then you can do it. However that's on a part time school schedule. They strenuously discourage you from working full time for full or part time track. And once you are in clinicals, that's at least 2 day shifts per week, on top of your work shifts, not counting your classroom coursework... yeah super intense. I wouldn't try full time work with the full time school track. Its a great program though!
  4. by   renzlao
    I'm in a part-time program and fulltime work. I'm dying haha I'm always drowning every week because I only have 4 days left for school. Im planning of doing full time by January and not working. I simply can no longer go on without a life for more than a year. I just go to work, and study for the program. I have no life outside of it. I got no kids though.
    Sometimes, you need 3 days for clinical Becasue of the availability of preceptors.