Anyone attending Kaplan or Walden University?

  1. I am currently looking into and applying to several FNP programs. I am wondering if anyone has attended or is attending either Kaplan or Walden? If so, what has your experience been like so far? Thanks!

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  3. by   finallydoingit
    I have been accepted into Walden, but am currently still applying to others as well.
  4. by   Pug RN
    I am strongly considering Walden for my FNP. The big thing to remember though, is that you are completely responsible for finding your own preceptors. And I can tell you by doing my MSN there that they are not particularly helpful in assisting in this portion of your endeavor.
  5. by   finallydoingit
    It is rare for any of the programs to find the preceptor for the student.
    I heard that Walden is not approved by the board of nursing - which means you can not sit for licensure in any most states.
  7. by   Onin2
    You heard wrong
  8. by   jla11
    What do you mean "You heard wrong". About what? Sitting for licensure?
  9. by   pasty1234
    i just got accepted into walden to start the FNP program sept 4th thay are great so far.Anyone starting soon?
  10. by   WickedRedRN
    Fellow Walden student too, starting in September. Welcome!
  11. by   Pug RN
    I am also starting Walden University in September for FNP!
  12. by   Pug RN
    Walden's FNP program is fully accredited and accepted in 38 states currently to enable practice in those states. If you go to their website you can find this information.
  13. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    Quote from finallydoingit
    It is rare for any of the programs to find the preceptor for the student.
    This is a definitely a true statement for nearly all of the online programs. This is not the case with many of the 'red-brick' campus-based programs that have established ties in their cities/states. For example, my University only admits as many students each year as we have set clinical spaces. We feel that is places a student at a disadvantage to locate and negotiate their own clinical contracts.

    For example we have 22 regular FNP and 8 PNP preceptors, and so we seek to enroll that many new students per year.

    In my area of Virginia, securing your own NP placement is tough. The local MD and OD schools pay their primary care preceptors, and many smaller primary care practices appreciate the extra stream of cash. I've known NP students in distance-learning programs to pay up to $25 per clockhour out-of-pocket to their clinical preceptor (turning precepting into a billable charge).
  14. by   Lexington
    I am considering applying to Walden. I can't find any requirements on GPA or GRE. Am I overlooking them? Was it difficult to get into the program?