Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP)

  1. Hi everyone!!

    Just have a simple question.

    Do schools accept MedSurg experience for AGACNP or do they strictly require ICU/ER experience? most school websites say, "acute care experience".

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  3. by   djmatte
    Best bet is to contact the school directly as each will have their own definition or entrance requirements.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Moved to student NP forum. Best wishes on your decision
  5. by   Rocknurse
    Most people in my acute program are ICU, although one or two were ER and one person was telemetry/step down. I think it's how you come down to interviewing and persuading the school that you're worth the place. In my program there were 100 applicants for only 14 places, so you needed something extra to show you were worth the investment. If you're not ICU but have lots of experience in acute care you might be able to get in.
  6. by   ArmaniX
    Perhaps it was the format of my program but the entire cohort was experienced ICU nurses and one ED nurse. The content was highly focused on critical care and without the ICU background would be extremely difficult for someone to stay ahead and grasp the concepts. The ED nurse struggled with much of the program.
  7. by   Dodongo
    My program specified 2 years of critical care experience. To my knowledge we were all ICU nurses. Best to ask the school.
  8. by   justmonica
    Yes. I have acute care experience and just graduated from UCSF's program.