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ArmaniX has 9 years experience as a MSN, APRN and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. Nurses make me sick

    *Takes off “I’m a HERO” t-shirt* ?
  2. Is this a good new grad NP offer?

    The offer seems.. low for the area but I am not certain. As a new grad > 2 years ago I was offered 90K annual for a well known hospital in the south (ICU - lots of responsibility). Another new grad offer in Maryland (~105k, ICU). After a...
  3. Can Acute Care Adult-Geri NP work in the ER/ ICU?

  4. Thinking about becoming a NP but also need career advice

    You sound like someone who has absolutely no idea what they want. Which is fine. But, also not the ideal time to consider investing $$$ into a path you’re not certain you want to take. I would get some good psych experience before committin...
  5. Acute v Primary v FNP _NYC area

    Do not pay for a colleges name. Find the cheaper options.
  6. Know your worth and know your bottom line. Perhaps you could’ve entertained the idea for negotiation if only to detail why you deserve a pay in the range you wanted.
  7. No NP jobs. What now?

    Do you want to continue working in the hospital? Consider acute care cert. The pandemic has slowed hiring in a lot of areas. But ignoring that. Perhaps the areas you’re searching or willing to work are the problem and you need to simply expand this ...
  8. Where can acute care pediatric nps practice

    Pure speculation but I feel you would be fine to continue working in the peds pulm clinic with your acute care certification. I am an adult acute care NP and while I practice in the ICU. If I ever made the choice to specialize and just do adult pu...
  9. Resigning from first NP job...

    Just play your cards right and balance it. Would be unfortunate to leave one job offering you RN pay for another job that may find they don’t need / can’t afford you in a month when income is down and then you’re just .. unemployed.
  10. Alphabet Soup of a Title

    I only list the important stuff. Armani MSN CRNP AGACNP-BC Honor Roll Student (2nd grade).
  11. ANCC Field testing

    Anyone here do the ANCC field testing of new test questions? Just looking for experiences, seems worth it for the 15 continuing ed hours.
  12. NP school, did you pull a loan or paid in cash?

    I paid out of pocket as I worked and went to school. Graduated with no college debt. Was the right choice for me as I do not really care to have to be “tied” to a job in order to get/fulfill reimbursement rules.
  13. Surgical procedures - NP

    Solid organ transplants. Free, on the black market.
  14. What was your first AGACNP job?

    Started directly in an ICU with 3 month orientation. Certifications, experience (RN) all very much do have weight as a new grad NP. Your timing is unfortunate (pandemic), but I would consider casting a wider net. I graduated in Florida and moved 100...
  15. Pathways to NP

    Start by looking at your local colleges and programs they offer. Then do some research. These questions are what commonly get asked by individuals with no idea what they want to do but have the feeling they need to do “something”. There are plenty ...