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  1. ArmaniX

    I have made a complaint against an NP

    No more stilettos
  2. Can’t ever lose those critical acute care skills! Just like we kept those flash cards from Nursing Fundamentals 1. I’d invest your time and energy into your soon new career path. You won’t need to know how to run a CRRT machine or push adenosine as an FNP. There is no need to continue to maintain a set of skills that hold little value in your day to day. Let them go, enjoy all the new responsibilities and duties that are about to be sitting at your feet.
  3. ArmaniX

    do you think your school prepared you or

    I'd say 75% NP program/clinical... but definitely my RN experience has assisted. My first job also provided a orientation period of roughly 2-3 months. On my own now I feel quite capable, I also know my resources.
  4. ArmaniX

    Practicing NP, keep CCRN?

    What are your thoughts on keeping the CCRN certification after NP licensure. I am kind of at a crossroad at thinking it serves little purpose at this point in my life. Not sure what value it will hold in the future while applying for positions as an ICU NP; I feel my current surgical ICU NP position will hold enough weight. Thoughts/comments?
  5. ArmaniX

    Where do you practice as a NP?

    Acute care NP, working in a surgical icu.