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On 2/3/2022 at 9:34 AM, chare said:

First, congratulations on both your pregnancy as well as the job offer. 

In my opinion, I don't think either of the options you have listed are goin to be well received.  If you choose to ask for a delayed start date, of the two options you've listed, I think your best choice would be option 1.  However, prior to doing this I would suggest that you discuss this with your OG/GYN.  And, regardless of which option you choose if you do this, have you considered that they might rescind your job offer?

Best wishes.


On 2/3/2022 at 7:57 AM, ham333 said:


Hello I am looking for a bit of guidance here:

I just interviewed for my first RN position in NYS, I have gone through the new hire physical and at my appointment, they mentioned I must receive the booster or I will be let go in 2 weeks. I just found out that I am pregnant very early still and I don't feel comfortable getting booster in the 1st trimester. I was going to work on a permit and take the boards next month.

I do not know what to tell HR, 1: that am I am pregnant and I want to hold off a month or two and accept the position, 2: that I don't feel comfortable with working yet and not having the boards complete. I know they cant discriminate against pregnant women but I don't know if this looks bad because I have gone through all the new hire paperwork and am looking to postpone my start date.

Any advice would help.

Thank you!

For what it's worth, about the postponing part, when I switched jobs I had to give my  employer at that time a 2 month notice because of the position I was in and still am. My position is/was called "weekend special" and for whatever reason we had to give 2 months notice for that position. I didn't want to leave my last job on bad terms so I abided by what I needed to abide by. I applied for my current job, but at no point did they ask for my available start date until AFTER they offered me the position. I felt bad but I told them I accepted the position but I can't start for 2 months and they had no problem with that. I think everyone is too hard up for help right now to NOT work with you. 


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Also, studies are VERY clear during pregnancy. Get vaccinated and boosted. New article from Medscape today:

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Did you sign a contract that required 2 months notice?  The standard is 2 weeks. I think your employer is taking advantage. 

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On 2/11/2022 at 11:19 AM, lifelearningrn said:

Did you sign a contract that required 2 months notice?  The standard is 2 weeks. I think your employer is taking advantage. 

I agree that 2 months is on the ridiculous side, but I have seen 4 weeks more and more as the company standard...

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