Struggling to pass hesi exit or NCLEX? Here is some helpful information

Please read- well worth your time... I struggled with these exams, but I passed with a 1090! Here is how you can too! Nursing Students NCLEX Article

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Struggling to pass hesi exit or NCLEX? Here is some helpful information

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of resources that are out there? Tired of stressing over your upcoming exam? Does the idea of trying to achieve a 900 on HESI seem impossible? Is your anxiety getting the best of you?

Well I just want to say you're not alone and I've been in your shoes, but I have some good advice that I hope will help ease your worries. To give value to the statements I'm about to make, I would first like for you to take a deep breath and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and clear your mind.

This HESI exit exam does NOT, I repeat does NOT!! define how good of a nurse you will be! Let's get that straight 1st. The HESI is supposed to be a good indicator of how well you'll do on NCLEX, but a lot of it has to do with how well you read the questions and pick the best answer.

I have used so many sources to prepare myself for these exams such as: Saunders (Purple book), HESI (red prep book w/ hints), EVOLVE, Kaplan and so many online resources... but I kept falling short on every HESI exit. I ended up taking this thing 4 times, believe it or not, and I was a great student in class - A/B grades all the way through the 4 year BSN program. These sources all have +/- , but they did NOT help me achieve a score above 900 EVER! Tried these sources for the 1st three exams and still fell short of 900 each time and after getting a 780 (1st time), 855 (2nd), 848 (3rd) Enough was enough..

I felt like I would never achieve my dreams of becoming a Nurse, but I did on the 4th try and here is how I did it....UWORLD and memorizing as many hesi concepts/hints that I could from the hesi green book 4th edition. Uworld changed my life! All I could do after seeing that score of 1090 and 94.8% was stare is disbelief. I had Jumped over 200 points. I had started UWORLD just 10 days prior and I knew it would be a game changer when it came down to taking the HESI exit for the 4th and final time.

Here is why this resource worked: it has a ton of select all that apply questions, the rational is phenomenal it's easy to read, gives you all the information you need to know about the topic in question with pictures. I purchased it for 30 day which is 70$, but trust me, you'll be glad you did.

This particular package comes with 2 assessments that are 75 questions a piece. These are great in determining your readiness for NCLEX/HESI EXIT. It covers all the types of questions that you would see on HESI exit such as: PSYCH, MATERNITY, FUNDAMENTALS, PROFESSIONAL ISSUES and MEDSURG CONCEPTS, but the great thing about UWORLD is that most of its questions are about interventions, priority, delegation and implementation.

It's a wonderful resource and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It gave me the confidence to know that I could answer these questions correctly on the exit HESI and achieve an outstanding score.

I want to wish you the best of luck on your upcoming exam whether it be the Exit HESI or NCLEX. I know you can do it! You have the drive to achieve! Whoever says nursing school was easy would be lying, and you and I both know that... but I truly believe by using UWORLD and knowing those HESI hints you can't go wrong.

As a final statement, I'd like to says CONGRATS RN's can't wait to see you working in the field of nursing!!!

I am a 24 y/o female that just completed a 4-year nursing program. I love working with pediatrics and hope to one day be a Nurse Practitioner.

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Thank you so much! I struggle with the hesi every semester and I failed OB/PEDS due to receiving a low score on my hesi. I actually just made a post asking if I should use uworld to study for my hesi exit, since I heard it's really good for the nclex. I have my OB/PEDS hesi in about 8 weeks. I have been doing practice questions from Saunders, hesi comprehensive book, nclex 3500, hesi case study, etc I think I'm going to purchase the uworld in the summer to prep for my upcoming senior semester and hesi exit.

Specializes in New Grad 2020.

Thank you! I have been toying with subbing to uworld to see if it can give me a boast. I'm a first year and I have one class I am not doing well in. Course work and labs I'm doing fine but I'm making Ds on the tests and I need to change something but I don't know what. The price for 30 days has been scaring me off but I think I'll try anything once!

i have a Hesi in May for this class. Thankfully it is not make or break but it is worth some points and like I said am doing aweful on the tests I think I'll give it a try. Thank you!

I'm sorry to hear about your OB and PEDS HESI. Don't let that get you down. You've come so far. I'm curious as to what resources you have used in the past to study, but it sounds like you have some great reference books like the hesi comprehensive book, Saunders and NCLEX 3500 you're using. I used the Saunders book to focus on the OB content and I found it to be extremely helpful in that aspect. It had been quite some time since I had reviewed OB before I took my first exit hesi and the score proved it. I got a 480 in that section on the 1st exit exam, but I improved overtime by going back and forth between questions and content. I thought Uworld did a nice job with both the maternity and pediatric sections. In a way it brought to life patient scenarios and hit on topics HESI likes to cover. HESI comprehensive book was a good resource as well. Memorizing HESI hints is a great idea too and knowing lab values. Let me know if I can help you! feel free to add comments. Hope UWORLD helps you as much as it did for me. Let me know how your OB/PEDS HESI goes. Thanks again!

HESI questions are totally different than class exams. Some people are just great test takers.. I unfortunately was not one of those. The anxiety I think got the best of me, but I know you can do it. After every exam I took in nursing school I made sure I would sit down and review the exam with the instructor to see what I missed and how I could improve. Regardless if I received an A or subpar grade. This really helped me in understanding what I was doing wrong such as: reading the question to fast and missing key words? didn't study the content enough? or overthought something? If you decide to buy UWORLD let me know what you think and if I can help you let me know. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Keep studying! best of luck!

Am a final year student preparing for my RN examination by November this year. I need help in passing my exams. I will be looking towards for your assistance thanks

Hello everyone,
Any Capscare Academy LPN-RN student preparing to take the HESI Exams and RN Exams please. I need help with studying materials.