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Hey you guys.....what a week this has been. I have been really tired and stuff. My cheating ex verbally attacked me on Tuesday because I was wearing a cute above the knee skirt and turtleneck and some cute boots, I thought I looked pretty cute but he called me a sl*t in front of his friend and they laughed at me, really hurt my feelings. I just wanted to feel pretty after wearing ugly nursing uniforms and stuff.....if I look good, I feel good. My outfit wasnt skirt was about 2-3inchs above the knee which wasnt was a tad sexy but I felt good, it was still professional. The patient I was caring for died on Wednesday during our clinical which made me cry and i was sad all day......I just have had a stressful week! I have a test on Monday in my OB class plus I have about 4 other typed/written assignments due Monday, I have a test in Med Surg on Thurs.....I feel so stressed. I have slept alot today......and eating jellybeans. I I am ready to give up! Nursing school can be so tough sometimes.....I really want an A on this test on Monday but its on 5 chapters and I still havent read 2 of those 5 so I feel pretty bad, I am usually on top of my work but I just feel so.....tired and stressed. Any advice?

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Cheating ex? Not worth your attention. Of course he's just jealous! You have every right to look as cute as you want to!

I am feeling very worn down myself. I'm in the middle of the quarter and last weeks test did not go as well as I had hoped. I too am feeling worn down. Have slept alot the past two days. Take care of yourself first, your body will tell you what it needs. Once you have pampered yourself a bit you can get the work done. Seperate it into chunks, work on something for 20 minutes or so and then walk away for a few minutes. Work on the projects that are due first. Or sometimes I complete the project I least want to do first. Once it's complete I feel sooooo much better.

Do some of your reading while taking a bubble bath.


It is tough to stay on task sometimes, but it will be worth it in the end.

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Any advice? Absolutely. Put more distance between you and the cheating ex. He's not just a cheater, he's abusive and why do you need to be in the same place with him at the same time? It's hard enough surviving nursing school without abusive words finding a place to take root and bloom in the already crowded brain space.

Nursing school can really take it out of you. I've watched our number dwindle because of the stress of school combined with life's little curve balls. We have no control over patients dying. It's something we have to process. Let your heart feel and heal. But the ex thing...

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

St. Francis

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thanks for the support....I managed to complete 3 of the 4 written assignments, now I just have to study for my OB test tomorrow.....I feel better. My ex goes to the same university as me so we cross paths once a week or something........Its tough. But I'm gonna try to stay strong.......:)


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Like the others have said....ingore the cheating ex. You need positive, supportive people around you now more than ever!

Tackle each task one at a time. Make a goal to have one chapter read by a certain time and so on. Sounds silly, but it really helps you not feel so overwhelmed when you have a stack of work if you just think of it in bits.

When you have time, don't forget a little you time. Even if it's a nice long bath. If you feel too guilty, you can always study in the bath tub, that's what I do.

After the test, good or bad, take a breather. I always grab a latte and wander around our local antique mall. Sounds corny, but it really helps clear my head.

Good luck and remember you CAN do it. :)


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Hope you feel better and things get better for you soon.:)

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> cingulargirl21

I agree with what others have said - the ex is abusive and you are so, so better off without him. If he feels he has the right to say things to you such as what you described, even now when you two aren't together anymore, it definitely indicates that he still feels he has control over you. You might work on some ways you can put more distance between you & avoid crossing paths.

Let us know how your test went. We're pulling for you. :)


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I got 90% on my exam today! Yea! So so happy!!!

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I got 90% on my exam today! Yea! So so happy!!!

Yeah for you!! :yelclap:

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You go girl! WOO HOO!

wonderbee, BSN, RN

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Stressed... is definately the word for me at the moment!

The "ex" sounds like he is one for good reason!

One of my favorite quotes - "no man is worth your tears, and one who is won't make you cry!"

Good luck! :)

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