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okay, am i the only person who feels so overwhelmed by this stuff? :crying2: i honestly do not see how i am ever going to learn and remember all of the information,values,levels,terms, etc. i go to school, go to work (at a hospital),and try to see my family for at least 10 min. before they go to bed. then i stay up 'til about 2am studying.........only to have no one understand how stressed i am!! i feel like i will be the best darn nurse, if i can just make it through school! :banghead:

Is there any way you can cut back on your hours at the hospital? For this past semester our instructors advised us all to take a LOA for the 7 weeks.

Time management and when you study be sure you are focused, rested, and really studying~ not just going through the motions~

Good luck~


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I understand how you feel, I am there too. Am in the last term of my freshman year of nursing school, working part time (minimal hours, with same responsibilities that I had working more hours),family and now on top of that, my husband was just diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Nursing books are SCARY regarding that... Just another added stress. All I can possibly advise you to do is decide if this is what you really want and if it is where there is a will there is a way, so hang in there. Good Luck.:banghead:


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I am with you!!! I don't work but I have a 16 month old and my husband deploys off and on. Fun times. But the way I look at it time goes by so fast and in a couple more years I are going to look back and laugh. Or I am hoping I can do that anyway. It will pay off in the end.

:mad: thanks for all the support guys! i just took my first exam for the quarter, studied my a@$ off all week....and got a 68! holy crap.the class avg.was a 74%. i have came to the conculsion that some instructors honestly just enjoy people getting low grades on exams. it's like it makes them feel smarter when they see us struggle. i am a damn good student nurse and i care about this more than anyone will know, i am not going to worry about it i guess b/c i know that i busted my butt and that i can explain that entire test content better than most people. it just sucks........:scrying:


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Yes indeed...the stress is enormous! I am in my 4th semester of a BSN program. This semester is Peds and Mental Health...along with a jillion papers, presentations and special projects, not to mention going to a weekend clinical at a children's hospital.

Stress, we are right there with you!

Hang in there! I found that talking with the nursing faculty on how to study for their tests was helpful, and kept me from wasting time. :twocents:

Just keep going, YOU WILL BE A GREAT NURSE:bowingpur


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It is stressful. But, taking time for yourself, which seems impossible. I would say the best time I had in nursing school was studying in study groups with my classmates.

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i leave my house at 6 am every day from monday to friday and i am only back at 1 am!! (full time work and school)

it is hard but...

i have to do what i have to do!

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